365/30 and 365/31 and 365/32

Sorry y’all – i have been really under the weather for the past couple of days with the kids’ cold. Now i’m just in that annoying phase where you feel much better but are still congested. bleh.

Anyway, i think at some point in the future i will start a blog for our home projects. But since i find it difficult sometimes to think of something everyday to talk about here, for now i’m going to keep everything in one place. (even though i have a totally awesome name for that blog saved)

So lets talk about wall color!

For christmas mike got me the best gift – someone to come in and paint our downstairs whatever colors i wanted. For the past 3 years we have been living with white walls (with the exception of our very red dining room in newmarket), and we were both ready for some color to liven things up. Plus our new-to-us house really needed a paint job – we are talking scuff marks everywhere.

The crew we hired finished up a couple of weeks ago, and we are super happy with how everything looks. I don’t know if we would hire someone again to do the painting, because honestly, its something we can certainly do ourselves, but the question would be when. We figured it would take about 6 months of weekends to get the job done, and that would mean one of us entertaining the kids while the other one painted.

That didn’t sound like much fun.

The last time i painted the interior of an entire house was before we had noah, and i was only working part time, and mike was deployed. I didn’t have that much going on. Things are a little different now.

So for this one time deal,  it was totally worth it to have someone come in, paint the whole downstairs plus the stairwell, as well as all the trim. I am most thankful for the trim being painted by someone other than me. I like to paint. I don’t like to tape in preparation for painting so much.

Like i said before, we wanted some color up in here. So the colors that i picked were really bright. Our house has a tendency to be a bit dark in our bedroom, the living room and hallways, so we tried to downplay that effect by using sunny hues.

Just a warning: i’m pretty sure that you are either going to love our colors or hate them. Some of them would probably be outside a lot of your comfort zones. But I LOVE color. And in my opinion, paint is much cheaper than furniture. Our furniture tends to be pretty neutral.

So without further ado – here are pics of our foyer, living room, and master bedroom:

{view of our foyer from the living room…i think the color is called fuzzy navel}

{another view from the living room showing the transom window above the door – i love this feature about our house…those are also the wood floors we had installed before moving in. Alas, I am not such a fan of the light fixture. The house is full of those 80’s gold colored fixtures and doorknobs. I don’t understand it – the house was built in the mid-ninties}

{the living room…i can’t remember the name of this one, but this is my favorite color in the house…i know mike was really hesitant when i told him i wanted the living room to be a turquoise-like color, but he really likes it too. The brick on the fireplace is the same as the brick on the exterior. Now that mantle i’m planning on painting white – someday. And the black quote block obviously needs to be raised – we just hung it on a nail that was already there.  Again with the lovely windows – these look out into our screened-in back porch, cutting out a lot of sunlight, which i’m sure i’ll be thankful for come summertime}

{another view of the living room and my guy}

{this is the wall of the living room that turns into the hallway. This color is called Antique. Its a little lighter than i had wanted to go, but again, our hallways are really dark, with no natural light, and the other samples we tried were just too dark. Also, the picture is making it look gray, but really its more of a beige color.}

{this color is called blue water, i believe. I love a blue bedroom – it is such a peaceful color to me. You might be wondering what that print is doing on the bed. Well, it had been hanging in the kitchen, for about 4 hours, before mike informed me that he didn’t feel like it was an appropriate sentiment to hang in our kitchen for all the world to see. He says that he doesn’t raise hell, and he doesn’t sleep well (because of the babies), so it doesn’t apply to him at all. I asked him if it would be acceptable to hang it in our bedroom, and he acquiesced, so its waiting to be hung over the headboard. I personally think it is a FABULOUS print, and, taken in a cerain context, could be words to live by. ALSO, check out the bed. This was our anniversary gift to ourselves (Mike may contend that it was his gift to me, but I say that he makes use of that bed every day) and I adore it. The posts just make me happy}

{Another view of the bedroom, showcasing my “ladies” on top of the armoire. They have made it through 3 moves so far, but 1 was damaged this move, and now I fear for their safety during future moves. I’m not really a knicknack type of gal, but the ones I have are special to me. The windows in the bedroom also have the transom windows above, and look out onto the back porch}

{a final one of the bedroom, showing the art I got in Vietnam – embroidered pictures, and also my childhood dresser – thanks mom!}

Well this post certainly is long enough to make up for yesterday and the day before! Tomorrow, we’ll move on to another room.



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4 responses to “365/30 and 365/31 and 365/32

  1. charityfaithrose

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors!!!! They are FABULOUS :)!!!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I love that sunny yellow in the front hall – what a nice warm welcome! And I love your blue bedroom – and that bed! I have been dreaming of a 4 poster bed… what a great idea to make it an anniversary gift!

  3. Love the colors. Your foyer color looks exactly like my living room color. It is so bright and cheery!

  4. The Fuzzy Navel color is fabulous!

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