{how blessed are we to wake up to this every day?}

yesterday we had to take silas to the er. mostly because it was a training day at the pediatric clinic, but still. i hate that place. and while they sent us home, the peds nurse called today, and she wants him to come in tomorrow, because she ‘doesn’t like’ the symptoms he’s showing.

so please pray for silas. i think he’s really fine, but still.

its always something around here.

on another topic, i’m thinking of starting a new blog. my friend sarah sent me the link to this blog last night, and i stayed up till 2 am reading (thanks a lot sarah!). and while a lot of her style is a little different than mine, i think her and her husband’s passion for their house is awesome.

i have a dirty secret.

ever since we moved here, i’ve been looking at houses. the kids and i have driven around every neighborhood in our town. i tool around historic pensacola and drool over the houses (in our price range!!!) every time i take emmett to therapy. i stalk realtor.com.

its a problem, really.

its a problem for multiple reasons. first, we’ve already bought this house. second, we are definitely not moving to another house in this town or in pensacola. third, it makes mike mad when i talk about other houses. in his opinion, we should be happy in the house that we’ve chosen.

and he’s absolutely right.

this house wasn’t my first choice. but it makes a lot of sense for our family. and i don’t dislike this house…i’m just not in love with it. and i so wanted to be in love with the house that we chose. but there just weren’t any houses that i was in love with when we got here, except in historic pensacola, which is too far from the base to be reasonable. and we really didn’t want to move into a rental, and then have to move again.

so here we are. and we’ve made several changes to the house already that significantly alter the way that i feel when i pull into the garage. i wouldn’t call it love. but i would call it a growing affection. something that could, perhaps, with a lot of effort, grow into an enduring love affair.

i think its time for me to finally commit to the house in my heart, and to stop looking around for something better. because really, we’re already married to this house. there’s no changing our minds, just like a real-life marriage.

so i’m thinking about starting a blog to keep up with the changes that we make to the house. its probably something that i could just keep up with here – after all, its not as if i do a stellar job of maintaining this blog. but i like the idea of having a whole blog devoted to home projects.

i don’t know. what do you think?



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3 responses to “365/27

  1. Sarah

    So glad I could help!!! I think a house blog would be fun…a complete escape from whatever else is going on. Oh, and isn’t my kitchen going to be fabulous!!!!!!

  2. Jeannie

    Ummm…I love home decor and I’d read anything that you write, so I say go for it!

  3. It would be fun to follow as you make your house your own. My husband and I always wind up kicking ourselves every time we do a project because we always forget to take “before” pictures. Also? I, too, have been stalking realtor.com, though not looking at other houses around here (not that there are many around here). Just hoping for the future . . . so I understand the addiction. 🙂

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