{don’t give me that look kodi – you are in the doghouse}

kodi dug out of the backyard again today, even though the back door was open for her. and where did she go during her moments of freedom? around the front of the house to the garage, where she waited patiently for someone to let her in the house. you know, the house that she could have entered at any time though the back door, since it was WIDE OPEN.

this is annoying.


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One response to “365/23

  1. Hi Lauren;
    I am a fellow adoptive parent, having brought our 8 yo son home from Vietnam almost one year ago. I have been following your blog since before you travelled to pick up Emmett. Somewhere along the way, I lost the password to your blog. If you are sharing with non-family members, I would love to have it. If you want to know more about me and our family, you are welcome to e-mail me directly. Thanks!

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