{ladies and gentlemen, we have a thumb sucker}

i sucked my thumb until i was in kindergarten, i think i’ve mentioned before. and even then my parents had to bandage my thumb for days to get me to quit (i was stubborn even as a wee child, i guess). and then i had to wear braces for 3 years in junior high (not a good look combined with the glasses, let me tell you what), partially as a result of the thumb sucking.

so i know its not such a great thing to have a kid who sucks his thumb. noah and sawyer never have – noah sucked 2 of his fingers for a while, but gave it up before he turned 1 after a bout of hand, foot, and mouth. emmett doesn’t suck on anything. it looks like the habit is here to stay with silas though.

and i can’t say that i’m sorry. i’ll save that sentiment for when i write out the checks to the orthodontist twelve years down the road.

for right now, its just so adorable that i can’t stand it.

thanks guys for the pep talk via your comments on yesterday’s post. i had to laugh a little when i read bethany’s comment because don’t let the picture fool you – just because we offer him the food and he has it all over his mouth does not mean any of it ended up actually in his mouth, much less in his tummy.

oh emmett.

i think i’ll write about yesterday in a separate post.



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3 responses to “365/22

  1. Ashley

    Will and J.P. both suck their thumbs and I couldn’t agree with you more, it is adorable!!! I’m sure I will be cursing it in a few years, if the habit still continues. But right now, I think it is just fine!!!

    Call me soon, we need to get together for a playdate/mommy time!

  2. Sarah

    Your right…..its CUTE!!! I’m watching Char doing it right now.

  3. jjohnstonmyers

    I’m with you, the thumb sucking photo is adorable!!

    I’m the mom of a special needs kiddo from VN as well. I’d love to get the password to the protected posts so that I can follow Emmett’s journey & progress, but I also respect your privacy and understand if you’d rather not share.

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