{mealtimes at our house}

today was a pretty crappy day: we finally had emmett’s meeting with the developmental pediatrician – the meeting we’ve been waiting for since the end of september. i’m not sure why i think these meetings are going to be helpful or useful or anything but completely depressing. too depressing to talk about tonight.



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5 responses to “365/21

  1. Beth

    Give you a call tomorrow.

  2. I’m sorry…I’m totally loving your new blogging committment, though!

  3. Sarah

    Big Hugs!!!! Talk to you soon!

  4. sigh. Sorry you didn’t get to hear what you wanted. But, Emmett’s eating! I didn’t realize he did that very well. So, maybe it’s not news to you, but he looks good to me. And he’s so dang cute. šŸ™‚

  5. I’m so sorry Lauren. Big hugs. Treat yourself to a glass of wine and put your feet up tonight. Tomorrow’s a new day…same crap though I guess. Sorry, I started off so positive and then I just barfed on it. I know those moments just stink and nothing really changes that. I wish you’d gotten answers, especially because the build up was so big (4+ months is a lot of build up). Let yourself wallow for a night if that’s what you’re feeling, and I’ll pray for you that tomorrow feels like a whole new day. ((hugs))

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