the boys do this thing where they show us what they consider to be their ‘rock star’ faces. sawyer will randomly ask me ‘mama, do you want to see all my rock star faces’ and then proceed to make a bunch of silly faces, along with arm and leg movements.

i have no idea where they got this from, but it cracks me up.

also, i’m pretty sure sawyer is wearing a shirt that says ‘want bacon’ on it. his grandma sent him and noah these shirts. they are new favorites, so expect to see a lot more of them.



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2 responses to “365/20

  1. Holly Kymes

    Oh my goodness! Mally would love a “Want Bacon” shirt! Where did she get those? 🙂

  2. lauren

    hol – i have no idea where she got it – sawyer was going around during the holidays saying ‘sawyer hungry. want bacon.’ and so i had thought that maybe she had them made. i’ll ask her and let you know.
    i so wish we could come visit for mardi gras! we’ll be in madison that weekend and there are exactly NO parades to go to in the jackson area the weekend of feb 13-14!

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