{sweet when they want to be}

so as i’ve mentioned before, we’ve been living upstairs in our playroom and guest room while the downstairs is being painted. which means that the boys and i spent most of our weekend up in the playroom. you would think noah and sawyer would go stir crazy after a few hours.

but i promise, those boys have been absolute angels up here. yesterday i think they played with their star wars guys, a little people airplane, a wooden fire truck, and a plastic bin lid for about 4 hours straight – without one arguement.

now today has been a different story. as long as we’re upstairs, they’ve been good. but as soon as we get in the car, the fighting begins with who gets in the car first…and goes downhill from there.

maybe the playroom is magical!

edited to add: as i look though these pictures, i’m noticing that noah and sawyer appear to have on the same clothes in a lot of the pictures. i wish i could say that is because we’ve been upstairs and just living off of 2 changes of clothes each, or that noah has a lot of white shirts with navy collars. but the reality is that i let the boys pick out their own clothes, and they tend to pick whatever is on top in their drawers or whatever the current favorite shirt is. since i end up doing laundry almost every day around here, the same shirts come up again and again…and again. oh well, you have to pick your battles i say.


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