{everyone was kung fu fighting}

sorry about not putting anything up yesterday – the house is being painted (have i mentioned that before?) and we’re living in the playroom and guestroom upstairs, so things are pretty crazy, and i just forgot. no worries, though, look for another post coming atcha below.

this picture would pretty accurately express the big boys’ favorite activity: play fighting. of course, play fighting inevitably leads to someone getting hurt, which leads to real fighting, which leads to more hurt, which leads straight to the naughty chair.

mike and i try to tell them that if they’re going to pretend to fight or wrestle or whatever, someone is going to get hurt, so they should be prepared for that and not get angry about it, but so far no luck in the not getting angry department.

sawyer is usually the one who gets hurt, and, in addition to crying and tattling, he has one phrase he always tells noah. whenever he was mad he used to tell noah ‘i’m not inviting you to my birthday’, but he’s moved on. now he says ‘noah, you a BAD BOY’. i wish i could get it on video, the way he says it is so cute its hard to keep a staight face.


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One response to “365/17

  1. Beth

    Okay. I’ll be keeping up to date on this again. Honestly, I didn’t even know you were still on here! How could we not have talked about that?!?

    I guess it’s all the catching up we’ve been doing. I’m so glad you came to Destin tonight. I’ll talk to you soon.

    Love you.

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