{kodi, our furry vacuum cleaner}

yesterday she dug out from under the fence twice, despite having access to the inside of the house the whole time. KODI (i say in my best stern voice)! SO BAD!

but she is definitely not as bad as she used to be. both times that she dug out, she walked around to the front yard and just laid down.

and while she will still run out the front door occasionally when the door is open and she sees something worth chasing, we can usually round her up within 5 minutes. mike says we shouldn’t feel too proud of ourselves, it only took us 13 years to be able to catch her.

and while she still is scared stiff of thunderstorms, she can’t make herself stay up ALL NIGHT LONG whining anymore. just most of the night.

bless her naughty little heart, the older she gets, the better dog she is.

i will say this about kodi – she is not a kid-lover, but that dog has never been anything but patient with the boys. if she sees them coming, she’ll walk away, but if she’s trapped, she just takes the abuse they heap on her.

kodi, she’ll never be the best dog ever (because that honor will forever belong to parks), but she’s stll better than most.

ooooh, i have to add this: today i had some extra time before emmett’s therapy, and the littles had fallen asleep in the car, so i was driving around historic pensacola (why, oh why, can’t mike’s base be in pensacola?), and at one of the parks, they had a sign about picking up your dog’s poop. it was addressed to ‘dog guardians’  instead of dog owners. i know it just a pc thing, after all i hardly think that the dogs care if you call yourself their owners or guardians, but i think its cool. our animals are part of the family like our children, and we don’t call ourselves noah’s owners.


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