{what a goofball}

oh noah, how i love you. i love your unbridled enthusiasim for everything, and your maturing sense of humor. i’m not such a big fan of the new way that you have of storming off to your room when you’ve been wronged, but i’ll take it over your brother’s hitting, pinching, or biting.

you are the best big brother ever. why you let sawyer boss you around so much i’ll never know, but it sure keeps the peace most of the time around here. and the way you help out with the littles, i appreciate it so much – i can’t count the times that you’ve ran to grab me a diaper, or wipes or whatever.

if there’s one thing i could change about you, it would be your tendency to worry like your mama. i don’t want you to worry about anything – believe me, i’ve got the worrying part covered.

sometimes i wish i could fly you off to neverland so that you wouldn’t have to grow up – its all happening in a blink of an eye!


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One response to “365/14

  1. So sweet. Is it me, or do all your bio boys look identical to one another?! They are so cute Lauren.

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