{why hello mister blue eyes}

even when he’s not feeling so hot – check out the flushed cheeks, he’s still so stinking cute. i’m pretty sure he’s going to end up being spoiled rotten, like another little boy i know (ahem, Sawyer), but i can’t help it – i want to cuddle him ALL THE TIME.

i’m pretty sure part of my infatuation with silas lies with the fact that he very well could be our last baby. he is definitely our last biological baby, and we’re pretty scared to jump into adoption land again. so i just treasure every single minute i get to spend with silas. and that in turn makes me appreciate all the other boys more too.

and there’s also the fact that he was a total surprise. i can’t get over the fact that if it was up to us and not the Lord, silas wouldn’t even be here, because we didn’t ever plan on getting pregnant again after sawyer. we had, in fact, been advised to not try to have any more (biological) children. if i needed any proof that God exists, and He is good, all i have to do is look at my baby boy.

of course the biggest reason for my silas-crush is just him. his smile lights up a room and my heart. he’s adorable even when he’s screaming or spitting up all over me. i even miss him sleeping in our room.  man, morning, noon, and night, i just love this kid.

*could you please pray for me? i have another doctors appointment tommorrow concerning the ta-tas. one of the ladies has been giving me problems for about 5 months now. please pray for wisdom for the doctor, and for everything to be okay.


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One response to “365/13

  1. Sarah

    could he look anymore like mike? i think not! i will be praying for you tomorrow. miss you bunches!

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