{oh emmy}

this is a face we’ve been seeing a lot of this week, tears and all.

emmett has been having a pretty bad week. he’s been upset at home, and has been refusing to work with the therapists at the hospital. as far as we can tell, he feels fine, so who knows?

i’m not sure if i’ve written about this before, but here’s what we’ve figured out about emmett: his mood is pretty much completely independent of us. he has good days and he has bad days, and there’s not really anything we can do to snap him out of a bad day.

he’s had a string of bad days. but there’s always tomorrow I say.

and if you have to look at your child when he’s upset, does it get much cuter than that?

i don’t think so.


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One response to “365/12

  1. oh, look at that poor furrowed little brow! I’ve been in a funk, too, so maybe I’ll just cry right along with him. But, you’re right, he’s pretty cute, even when he’s mad.

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