{moving in}

emmett and silas are officially roommies! until last week, silas’ crib had been located in our room. we wanted to wait until he was sleeping through the night, and then wanted to wait until after all the holiday madness was over to try putting them together. and frankly, i had my doubts as to whether it would work out. after all, emmett is up either screaming or playing most nights, and mike and i find it hard to sleep through that halfway across the house.

but its working great so far! silas is either hard of hearing or has learned to tune his brothers out, because we haven’t had one problem yet with emmett waking silas up. as for silas waking emmett up, well, i think we’ve been over before the fact that emmett does not sleep nearly as much as other children, so he pretty much is already awake when silas wakes up.

we are still putting silas down for a nap in our room, but i honestly think they’d do fine together then too.

this is a pretty big deal for us. we live in a 5 bedroom house, but 1 bedroom is upstairs and none of our kids are old enough yet to be on a different floor than us, so we use that for the guest room. and one of the bedrooms downstairs we use as an office because it has no closet. noah and sawyer share a room, and of course mike and i share. so obviously we could make it work if emmett needed to be in a room by himself – we could either put silas into the big boys’ room or move the office upstairs or make the dining room an office. but as much as possible, we want emmett to do the same things that the other boys do, including sharing a room. i couldn’t imagine noah and sawyer sleeping in separate rooms right now, and we want emmett to have that experience as well.

so anyway, we realize that this setup probably won’t work forever. if emmett ever progresses into a big boy bed, or is able to get up out of bed by himself, we will most likely need to make a few changes to the room to make it safe for him. and if he doesn’t progress, i’m sure silas isn’t going to always share a room with emmett and his nighttime shenanigans and feeding pump alarms. but for now it works awesomely!


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