{band-aid fanatics}

At last, a picture of noah!

i’m sure that most of y’all’s kids are the same way, but my kids are big-into band-aids. whenever they get a bo-bo, they demand one – blood or no. but i think that my kids are little bit weird about it in that no band-aid stays on their persons for longer than about 5 minutes. i have no idea what that’s about…its like they like the idea of band-aids, but not the reality.

oh, i just remembered something funny. noah didn’t used to really know about band-aids, but one day scraped his knee when over at a friend’s house when he was about 3 1/2. i cleaned the wound but he was still pretty upset (he’s so cautious that he doesn’t get scrapes very often), so i offerred him a band-aid to cheer him up. he freaked out. the only time he had worn a band-aid before was after getting shots, and he totally thought i was fixing to break out the vaccines. it took about 15 minutes to convince him to let me put the band-aid on.


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