{Sawyer’s resolution}

Man, its all about Sawyer lately, isn’t it? Oh well, I happen to find him endlessly fascinating…and he isn’t at school as much as Noah…and he has a lot more to say than the little guys.

Sawyer started biting his nails a few months ago – shortly around the time that we moved. The stress I suppose. Plus the fact that he’s very, very fastidious – this boy cannot stand to get a drop of anything (including water) on his clothes or for his hands to be dirty or to have a hangnail. So he just started biting and didn’t stop.

This habit completely grosses Mike out. Me, not so much, given that I sucked my thumb until I was in kindergarten. However, given the piggy flu and whatnot, I am not a big fan of Sawyer touching a shopping cart, then sticking his fingers in his mouth. I’m not a big germaphobe, but we do have a little one here that is too young to be vaccinated, and that swine flu (like so many other health problems) scares the pants off of me. ANYHOW, this post is about Sawyer, not my phobias.

Mike’s been trying really hard for the past couple of months to nip this behavior in the bud before it becomes a super-ingrained habit. Until last week, I would say he’s had zero luck, because our son is stubborn with a capitol S.

But then I had an epiphany. An idea that I didn’t really think would actually work, but thought was worth a try. I told Sawyer that if he would stop biting his nails for two weeks, we would buy him a toy. A bribe, if you will.

Its been 6 days now. I haven’t seen that boy’s nails in his mouth one time. I call that success.


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