{a boy and his bee: a love story}

This is a site that we see every day around here – Sawyer hugging his bee. Sometimes I think we ought to have called him Linus.

Both Noah and Sawyer are big-time bee boys. Sawyer takes his to preschool every time, and Noah even still wants his in his backpack occasionally. I can’t blame them. I was in love with my bee too – apparently so much so that I used to pick pieces off of it and stuff them in my ears, my nose, etc. All thats left of my bee are a few strings.

I’m really glad they don’t pick at their bees like I did because yuck.

But as far as I’m concerned, they can carry them around as long as they want to. Because like so many other things that they do (like crawling into our bed, snuggling with us, being over-the-top enthusiastic about little things, and so many, many other things), eventually they will grow out of carrying their bees around and then how sad will I be?

Very sad I tell you.


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One response to “365/8

  1. Holly Kymes

    Mally loves her binky too! 🙂 Her great-grandma made it so we keep up with that thing like it’s the only one on earth…which it is!

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