{check out the curls…ignore the face}

did I tell y’all I got my hair curlified? I personally think I was born to have curly hair – its so much easier to just wake up and go, and anyone who knows me knows that I spend about oh, say, zero minutes on my appearance.

Ugh I feel like I look as if I’ve aged about 10 years in the past year and a half.  I always thought I would be the sort to grow old gracefully – wouldn’t dye the grey out of my hair, no botox, etc. I just didn’t expect the old part to hit me while I was still in my early thirties. I’m becoming more and more okay with the thought of injecting paralyzing agents into my face and neck.

And thank you so much Angie for the picture instructions! Just in case y’all didn’t get enough of my face above, here’s the same exact pic, BUT WITH ROUNDED CORNERS!



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5 responses to “365/7

  1. yea..you figured it out!!

    and your hair looks great…love the curls. i wear mine curly 99% of the time 🙂

  2. The hair is definitely the right look for you — nice curls!

  3. charityfaithrose

    Love the curls!!!! And the new layout :). Miss you guys!!!

  4. I LOVE your hair!!! It’s so much easier to wear it curly like that. I used to have mine short and curly, but I had a giant, round, fat face, not a nice slender one with actual cheekbones like yours, so it wasn’t so great on me. But the hair? I really liked it. You look great.

    As far as the aging thing, at this very moment, I’m more interested in having things sucked out than injected in, but I hear you. I didn’t think I’d look old and busted before I even turned thirty, but who knew? 🙂

  5. lauren

    cheekbones – what are they again?
    And I am totally about getting things sucked out too. I’m pretty sure a plastic surgeon could take enough mass off of my tummy to equal out a Silas.

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