okay, i know its actually January 10th. But I think I’m going to run these pics a week behind – that way I can still download pics once a week from the camera, but I can post every day.

Without further ado:

{arggh mateys!}

Emmett went to see the eye doc again Monday, and the verdict is that the chemical patching we’ve been doing to help with his lazy eye isn’t working out so well – he’s still not using his right eye. This is a different issue than his eye ‘alignment’ – both of his eyes need to be straightened out, but if we do that surgery before he’s using his right eye to track things more, the cross-eye surgery won’t work (at least that’s how I understand it). So now he gets to wear a patch over his good eye for 2 hours every day.

Does he like this? No, no he doesn’t. Not at all actually.

I just wish they would make the band-aid-like patches in fun patterns and colors, not just flesh-colored. Boring.


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  1. They actually do if you order them online. We too have to patch J’s eye everyday for the same reasons. We are trying to avoid a second surgery.

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