project 365: 1-3

hmmm, on Friday not much interesting happened – just mainly hanging out with family.

{emmy playing before bed – already hooked up to his pump}


Saturday brought more of the same….

{silas enjoying his cereal – its a big change having a child who WANTS to eat :)}



today, though, was a big day: emmett and silas were baptized at our church, by the same pastor that baptized noah and sawyer when they were babies (i think that’s pretty special). obviously the pants got done, but the shirts, alas, did not get monogrammed. note to self: NO MORE CUSTOM ORDERS. IT NEVER WORKS OUT FOR US. but although they did resemble the backstreet boys, i still think they were pretty stinking cute.

{emmett – not a big fan of being held anymore – he kind of flails around and trys his best to injure the holder with head butts, so i felt sorry for pastor robert, because i know he took a hard hit to the head. but he did tolerate the hand on his head a lot better than i thought he would}

{silas was pretty laid-back about the whole experience – typical silas}

i’m so glad that both sets of our parents were able to make it for this special day, although in keeping with our family’s luck, my sister got into a car wreck back in madison while my parents were down here (she’s ok). Starting tomorrow, we’re back to just us again, which is just not nearly as fun.


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