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I’ve been following Angie over at Love is Spoken Here for awhile now. And earlier in 2009, she started on project 365. And I’ve been enjoying daily glimpses into her life for the past 222 days. Now she’s encouraging us to join in for 2010.

So I thought I’d give it a try. Of course when I told Mike about this, he asked me if this was going to be like the last time on the blog when I said I’d try to post every day. I guess that didn’t really work out so well, eh?


I’m going to TRY to take at least one photograph every day. I’ll do my best to post them at least once a week, because the likelihood of me downloading pics from the camera daily is umm, not likely.

Lets consider this my new year’s resolution.

One other thing for today – Emmett and Silas are going to be baptized on Sunday. So they needed cute outfits for this right? Well early last week I ran by an upscale children’s boutique in Pensacola on my way home from Emmett’s therapy to see if they had anything. Which they didn’t, but the owner told me they do custom orders all the time, and wouldn’t white lined linen pants, along with white long-sleeved t-shirts with their initials embroidered on them be cute? And of course I thought it sounded cute, and also that I wouldn’t really get a chance to hit up any other stores besides Target or Walmart during the holidays, and so I placed the order. But not before making sure that the order would be ready for January 3rd. Because that’s when the boys are getting baptized. A date that was chosen because both Mike’s and my parents would be in town.

I can’t get in touch with anyone at the store now. I left 2 messages yesterday, but no one ever called me back. I’m sure they’re closed today. What are the chances that they’ll be open and have our stuff in tomorrow? And if not, when will these boys ever need white linen pants again? And where will I find new baptism outfits tomorrow? These are the burning questions for today.

Look for the first set of pictures to come your way on Sunday. 

happy new year!


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  1. yea! so glad you are joining it…you won’t regret it! joe laughed at me last year when i told him i was going to do it. he looked around at our trashed house and thought i was crazy. but really…what is more important a clean house or memories?! i choose memories 🙂

    good luck…can’t wait to see the pics!

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