I know I haven’t posted in FOREVER. What can I say – we’ve been busy!

At this point we are finally settled into the house – pics on the walls and everything. Now we just need to paint get the walls painted. And of course there’s the long term project of redoing the kitchen.And the long, long term project of the exterior changes I’d like to make. But for now I’d be happy with colors on the walls.

Emmett has finally had his Early Intervention (Early Steps in Florida) evaluations. I’m not totally sure, but I think that he’s going to be going to feeding therapy 3 times weekly in Pensacola, with 2-3 times weekly OT and who knows about speech therapy and PT. I told the therapists that I was prepared to do the hour drive each way three times a week, although even thinking about doing that makes me tired. I’m also not sure where making friends fits into my schedule, although that is really a top priority for me :).

Mike has been pretty busy with work, with some TDY thrown in, but thankfully my mom came to the rescue again. YAY for Berd! How glad am I that we live relatively close to my parents – SO GLAD. Its the best decision the Air Force has ever been forced to make.

The kids are officially out of school as of today. Unlike most moms that I know, this makes me happy. Right now Noah and Sawyer don’t go to school often enough or long enough to make it truly a break for me, and I secretly like having them at home (even when they’re driving me bananas). I especially like having lazy mornings. It is HARD to get 4 kids and 1 mom out the door in a timely fashion. Which reminds me – have I brushed my teeth today? Oh yes, but not my hair. Heaven help us next year when Noah goes to kindergarten, and getting there on time is important. Note to self: start trying to convince Noah that riding the bus is ubercool.

Soooo0 much else has been going on, including trips to Mississippi for Thanksgiving, Children’s Christmas Parties, Children’s Christmas Programs (my favorite part is that Sawyer, whenever he hears a song with the words ‘Jesus Christ’ says to Noah “see, Jesus cries Noah, Jesus cries!”), Squadron stuff, my birthday, and all the rest, but I lets look to the future why don’t we?

Starting Sunday Mike’s family starts arriving in town. By Christmas day there will be 18 relatives (including the 6 of us) here! We’re really excited to see everyone, and I’m excited that Mike is going to have some time off work that doesn’t involve Emmett being hospitalized or having surgery (please Lord no hospitalizations this Christmas).

I hope everyone still reading this is enjoying the holiday season so far!



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4 responses to “sorry…sorry

  1. I’ve missed you!! Sounds like a fun-filled Christmas holiday at your house. Have a blast with all your visitors! Merry Christmas!

  2. Jeannie

    Of course I’m still reading — every word. It’s killing me that you are so close (relatively — compared to England) and I can’t see you yet.

    I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas! We are about to get 2 feet of snow or so, so I’m hunkering down for a long winter’s nap. (much needed one at that — we fed about 400 people spaghetti last night)

    Love and miss you!

  3. charityfaithrose

    Miss you guys lots!!! Glad that you are getting settled and should (soon) have a schedule going for Emmett. Yea for Berd :)! Glad you got through that TDY okay! Was it just me, or did it feel really long this time???
    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. yea!! an update!! i was just thinking about you guys 🙂

    glad you are settling in and getting adjusted. hope you all have a VERY merry christmas!!

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