update on Emmy

Have I told you that Noah and Sawyer call Emmett ‘Emmy’? Its pretty cute.

Anywho, we are home from the hospital, as of about 11:30 last night.

Em had an MRI yesterday, as well as an EEG. The MRI results showed him having a smaller brain than what could be considered normal, with mildly enlarged ventricles and increased spinal fluid (but not enough to need a shunt). No way to know if this is different from the MRI he had in May at Cambridge – all we have is that the radiologist called the results normal then. As for the EEG, is shows continued seizure activity, which the neurologist told us means that he is very likely to have further seizures. So they’ve decided to start him on anti-seizure medication. Side effects of that can include drowsiness and increased irritability.

The drowsiness we’ll take (especially at night). The irritability, not so much.

On other medical fronts, the urologist stoped by and let us know he thinks that his urethra is too narrow, and he wants to explore the, ahem, area under anesthesia. Especially since he maybe has an UTI right now (I have my own thoughts on the cleanness of the urine catch there, since the bag they collected the urine in ended up covered in poop, and while the urine showed lots of bacteria, he didn’t have hardly any white cells in his urine, which to me and the urologist  means that the sample was contaminated, but the pediatricians want to treat so what can you do and could this sentence be any more run-on I don’t think so).

The looking under anesthesia part should be pretty easy to acheive since he also needs a new G-tube within the next week or so. Not because his one is malfunctioning in any way, but because it is apparently impossible to get American feeding supplies to match a British PEG tube. To that I have one word only: LAME.

So it looks like we’ll be spending a good amount of time at our new home-away-from-home in the next few weeks. We also have cardiology and gastroenterology appointments on Monday there.

Good times I tell you.

BUT: the important thing here is that Emmett is back to his old self, he didn’t have any more seizures while he was in the hospital, hopefully this medication will prevent any more from occurring, and we all got to sleep in our own beds last night.

And most exciting, we get to go trick or treating tonight, where Emmett will dress up and use that cuteness to obtain lots of candy for his parents to enjoy :). See, there are some advantages to having a kid who won’t eat.



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2 responses to “update on Emmy

  1. Beth

    I’m happy to hear you finally made it home last night. It sucks that you’re going to be spending so much time at the hospital, but hopefully they can get everything done quickly. Thank goodness E is back to normal, and that they have given some meds to prevent more seizures.

    I’ll talk to you soon! What are you doing for trick or treating?

  2. Ashley

    I’ll call you tomorrow, after all the trick or treat madness is over. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Glad to hear E is better, and that you are all home!!

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