are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!

Just opened a letter from Tricare today. They have denied coverage for Emmett’s enteral food and medical supplies because he doesn’t have a specific diagnosis and because apparently they think he’s under one year old. Heck, they’re only 7 months off. And I’m not sure why feeding aversion doesn’t count as a diagnosis.

So either the insurance company are a bunch of morons and/or poopheads, or the pediatrician didn’t fill out the paperwork right. Something tells me that all of the above are probably true.

Of course to fix this problem, written appeals will have to be filed. And then they have to consider that appeal. In the meantime, the bill for Emmett’s feeding supplies and food (because he is now losing weight on the superconcentrated infant formula he’s been on, the one that we’ve just been paying out of pocket for) for one month is approximately $900.


In other weekend news, Sawyer, Silas and I spent last night at the ER. Poor Sawyer slammed the (really heavy) toilet seat and lid on his penis right before bed last night, instantly causing bleeding and a scary amount of bruising. The ER gave him some tylenol for the pain, but wouldn’t let us leave until he peed. Which took a long time. But finally he did, and they let us go, with instructions to come back right away if the, ahem, area started swelling at all, or if he couldn’t pee. Either way, we have to go see the urologist first thing on Monday morning. Poor Sawyer. His poor privates look like they really hurt. He can’t even wear underwear. However, we know he can still pee, because he peed all over our brand new mattress last night in his sleep.

On the bright side, Mike doesn’t have to work today, and we’re getting a lot done at the house. Thank God (once again) for my mom. Not only did her being here mean that I didn’t have to bring all 4 kids to the hospital last night (because Mike was working then), but she’s also unpacked our kitchen, which has got to be my least favorite room to unpack.

Also on the positive side, I ran into a friend of mine yesterday at the kids’ school’s fall festival (Hi Ashley!). And the boys got to eat candied apples. And a families from our church brought us yummy dinners twice this week – which meant that we got a break from sandwiches or eating out.

Last but weirdest: today the doorbell rings. I answer the door to find a lady standing there who tells me that she knows this is weird but she used to live at this house before the lady we bought it from, and that lady had sold her all of the curtains, but there is one on the window facing the stairs that she didn’t get. But she paid for it, and she would like to have it. Now I have absolutely no problem letting her have it, because I’m sure she’s telling the truth, and I don’t like the curtain pattern anyway. But we have no way to get up there – you’d need an extension ladder. And we don’t have one. And neither does she. So I’m not sure when she’ll get her curtain, but to me the best part of the visit was when she saw the hardwood floors we just put in and said – well, I guess the carpet wasn’t good enough for you. I felt like I was in an episode of Moving Up (does that still come on?). Not that its any of her business, but we have 4 kids, and 2 cats and 1 dog, and white carpet in the living room wasn’t going to work for us. I think that she’s a little mad that we bought the house – she told me that her and her husband built this house, then sold it to the lady we bought it from, but now have their house on the market, and if it had sold before this one, they wanted to buy this one back.

But she can’t have it. All of our stuff is in it now :). And we have our uppity wood floors in and everything already.

In her defense, she did tell us she hoped we would be very happy here. And I don’t think she was being sarcastic.

Will y’all please pray for Sawyer and his privates?



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7 responses to “are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!

  1. *LOL* Ok sorry but first I have to laugh at the woman saying that the carpets weren’t good enough for you. That’s hilarious, you’re probably only letting her have the curtains because you’re too good for them too right? 😉 People are weird.

    Sorry to hear that you’re having to deal with yet more insurance issues. I hope it gets worked out quickly for you.

    And poor little Sawyer! I hope he starts feeling less pain soon.

  2. Ashley

    Well…I don’t even know what to say other than, without all this drama, what else would you have to blog about???
    It was great seeing you yesterday! And please call me if you need anything. I guess I won’t be seeing you tomorrow at the pumpkin carving. But totally understand the chaos!
    Hope Sawyer feels better soon and you get E’s insurance issues worked out soon!
    Call me (check your FB inbox for my phone numbers)!!! Friends and coffee can cure anything!


  3. Sarah

    LOL Really your life should be a sitcom!! I can’t believe the woman wanted the curtains……move on lady, ya should’ve remember them when ya moved! And who gets upset that put in hardwood floors? I’m guessing that she was hoping to buy it back when you sell it.

    On another note, I hope Sawyer is feeling better soon and that Tricare gets their head out of their butt! I’ll call you soon. Miss you, life in jolly ‘ole England is not as jolly without you.

  4. metaphase That is sure a series of strange events. My DH is navy and Tricare makes me want to scream. I don’t know if they’re especially imcompetent or if all insurance is that way. I hope you get everything straightened out with them.
    So that lady showing up at your door is really odd. When she commented on the carpet not being good enough for you I’m afraid I would have said something like “no, it wasn’t.” just be snarky. You’re just nicer than I am!

  5. Oooh, my 8 year old A.J. is feeling Sawyer’s pain! He got kneed by a friend at camp this summer and got a blood blister on his. It’ll get better, and it’ll just be a funny story later (though not yet…)

    Good luck with insurance. It’s not good anywhere, but I’m guessing anything run by the government is even worse. And the lady, she’s a little bizarre.

  6. Christina

    You sure live an interesting and eventful (to say nothing of stressful!) life these days. Hope the insurance thing gets worked out ASAP – that is just so wrong. I wonder, did they enter him as a newborn when you adopted him or something like that??

    I feel for the curtain lady. Personally I never want to see my old houses (especially the last one, that I really loved) because it would kill me to see how someone changed things. Meanwhile, I couldn’t wait to put our own personal stamp on this house and I keep wondering what on earth the last owners were thinking with all their decorative/design choices!! Hardwoods sound a trillion times better than white carpet with kids and pets. And you are very nice for giving her the curtains. 🙂

    Praying for Sawyer to heal quickly!

  7. Beth

    The lady story sounds like something out of a Seinfeld episode. LOL! What a strange lady….

    Just to let you know, civilian insurance (private) is NO GOOD either. I’m in the process now of trying to get refunded for $125 worth of copays because a nurse did a botched audiology test on Griffin. Of course, it’s their fault, but I have to do all the legwork to prove it. Grrrr….Honestly, Tricare was at least free!! Now I pay close to $600/month PLUS copays.

    I’ll talk to you soon. Can’t wait to see the house!

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