wish you were here…

…because I think that we could definitely fit a few more people into our 1 room hotel room. That’s right, you heard me, all six of us are living in 1 ROOM.

And actually its not as bad as you would think, apart from Emmett’s off and on all night crying being a lot louder when its in the same room as Mike and me. Because it does have a king-sized bed. Which is AWESOME. I MUST HAVE ONE.

We are hoping to be able to close on the house next week. Oh I hope so. The mountain of laundry hopes so too. And so does our stuff, which is sitting in storage nearby, just waiting for us to be able to move into a house. And so does our checking account, which is getting a real workout at various local restaurants. Although I have discovered Tropical Smoothie. And it too, is AWESOME. There is one right by our hotel, which makes it easy to enjoy :).

In other news, the boys started preschool today. Sawyer woke up all excited, and couldn’t wait until he could finally go to school. Noah, on the other hand, is familiar with this school stuff, and was not quite so excited (he threw a huge fit last night about having to start today). So I was a little surprised when I dropped off their lunches a couple of hours later to find Sawyer in Noah’s class, bawling, and totally ready to go home. Noah, again on the other hand, chose to stay when I offerred to take him home with Sawyer. Silly boys. But Sawyer is resigned to returning on Thursday, as he has been told that it is the law in America that all 3 year olds must attend preschool.



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6 responses to “wish you were here…

  1. Sarah

    Wish I was there too…..Miss you! Char keeps asking when we can move to be with Lowlan? Seriously, turn your cell phone on so I can talk to you!

  2. Sarah

    Definitely a fan of the preschool law. It is in effect at my house for sure!

  3. Christina

    Love Tropical Smoothies. LOVE THEM. How great is it you’re back in the USA? SO great! The one room housing? Not so great. Hoping and praying you get into your new house very very soon!!

  4. Hang

    It was good talking to you the other day – hopefully I didn’t talk you into too many things. We’ll have to catch up again this weekend when you get a chance. So exciting that you’re closing soon, can’t wait to see pics.

  5. charityfaithrose

    Yea for closing! And king-sized beds! Love and miss you guys!

  6. m

    I know how difficult things must be with Emmett. Here are some blogs of people who also have children coping with problems. Both these ladies are terribly nice and very open about the problems their children face. They always seem more then willing to talk and encourage special needs adoptions.

    I think Meredith is in Florida. She has a new baby but she often does respite

    Shelly’s husband is in the military

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