what today has in store

Well, the sellers accepted our offer on the house! Without even counter-offerring, which makes me wonder how much lower we could have gone, but whatever. We’re pretty confident we’re getting a bargain here.

Oooohh, I wish I could show y’all all the pictures that are up online, but I think Mike would especially think it was going too far to give the Internets the mls # so you could look it up on realtor.com. We’ll have to figure out something, because I’m going to need advice on how to change the floors, and paint colors! I am extemely excited about having color on the walls after a 3 year absense of wall color.

So today is the house inspection, so we get to go inside again.

Then I have to have an ultrasound. No, I am DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT, so stop freaking out. No, I have to have an ultrasound of my boobs. You see, I’ve had this pain in my left lady for a while now, and while I think it is really a latch problem, in the back of my mind lurks the thought that maybe, just maybe, it could be breast cancer. Ok, maybe its not just in the back of my mind. I’m totally worried that I have inflammatory breast cancer, and that my breast has changed, which makes it hard for him to latch, which is causing the pain.

Ok, this is probably wayyyyy TMI, and if you are a boy reading this, you should erase the previous paragraph from your mind, mmmkay?

So I have an ultrasound this afternoon, and I’d appreciate any prayers you could send my way.



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6 responses to “what today has in store

  1. Mom

    I looked at the house on web. I’m really excited for you guys. Let me know if I can help. Off to hattiesburg to have lunch with Cori and then to Meridian to see my mom and clean out the house some more. Mike doesn’t think I’m a pest with the camcorder? uh? I really miss the boys a whole lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you and Mike,too.( I didn’t write that with sarcasism.) No spell check?


  2. Beth P

    Miss you guys and you are definitely in my prayers!

  3. Ashley

    Let me know if I can do anything to help. I would love to see you again, and meet all the new members of your family since the last time we saw you.

  4. charityfaithrose

    Can’t wait to see the house. We’ll cont. to keep y’all in our prayers. Love and miss you guys!!

  5. That is so you. 🙂 I am sure you will be just fine. Latching is hard for the little babies sometimes! Let us know how it goes. 🙂 Email the link to the house if you can.


  6. Christina

    SO exciting about the house!! And try not to worry about the U/S … I’m sure all is fine. I recently freaked myself out about stuff and it was totally nothing – and even better they told me it was nothing right after the test! So I hope you get your good news ASAP too.

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