doing our part to stimulate the economy

so we’re here!

and the flight wasn’t nearly as bad as we had anticipated. we almost got stuck in atlanta, and that would have been bad, because i’m not sure we could have convinced ourselves to get on another plane the next day, but then the crew showed up, and they switched us to a plane that worked, and we landed in Florida and got settled into the base hotel approximately 22 hours after we left the base hotel in England.

yesterday i looked at houses with our realtor, and after much discussion, and even a pros and cons list, mike and I made an offer on a house today.

this afternoon we put a hold on a car (we just couldn’t face sitting at the dealership for hours after sitting for hours at the mortgage company this morning). we’ll go fill out the paperwork tomorrow.

we’re all trying to get over the jet lag, and the internet and phone connection from our room has been spotty, so posting may be infrequent for a little bit (you: what else is new?), but we here.

mike says that he! loves! America! at least a few times a day – most recently after being able to pay at the pump at the gas station tonight.



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7 responses to “doing our part to stimulate the economy

  1. Hang

    That’s awesome that you guys found a house. I can’t blame Mike on the amenities of the USA though – there is some satisfaction on being able to just pay at the pump after having to pump gas in England. Whenever you get a chance, send me your info and we can chit chat. Love you guys and so happy that you’re home.

  2. holly

    welcome home! glad u made it.
    tell mike u can even ‘pay at the pump’ so to speak,at sonic. 😉

  3. Jeannie

    Yayayayayayay!!! SO SO glad you made it safely. Sounds like you guys are kicking butt with the car and the house — I don’t know if I could make a decision so quickly.

    Now I want to hop a plane to Florida right.this.minute and see you. Rargh!

  4. Wow, I’m impressed with how quickly you found a house. Welcome back to the USA!

  5. Beth

    Can’t wait to see you! 🙂

  6. Jennifer

    Welcome HOME!! I know it must feel great to be back in America. I’d probably gain 50 pounds in the first month just from all the yummy restaurants you missed out on while in England.

    Is there a link to the house you put an offer in on? And what kind of Urban Assault Vehicle are you going to drive now that you’re back to big roads, big parking lots, and people that know which side of the road to drive on?

  7. charityfaithrose

    glad you are there safe and sound :). Hmmm, pay-at-the pump! I am so jealous!!!

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