nothing really to write about…

I started running yesterday.

This is going to be hard ๐Ÿ™‚

I took all four kids today to the gym on base – they have a parent/child workout room (oh, how I wish this had been here the whole time we’ve been here) – and they did fabulous. Umm, until the locker room after, where all 4 of them were crying at the same time. Good times – Silas was hungry, Emmett had a poopy diaper, Noah and Sawyer were arguing about the water fountain. On the whole though, I couldn’t have asked for better behavior while I was working out.

Do y’all want a glimpse into my exciting life? Ok, here’s what’s on tap for tomorrow:ย  Emmett has a peds appointment in the morning, then I’ll drop him off at the childminders (oh Tracy, how I will miss you in America) and take the other 3 to the gym, then to the BX to shop for birthday presents for some of the boys’ friends, then grab lunch and go grocery shopping. After that we’ll head home to unload the groceries, then head back to base to pick Emmett up and (if the boys are good all day and Emmett and Silas are cooperating) see Ice Age 3 at the movie theater for one of the birthday girls.

See? I told you I had nothing really to write about.



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2 responses to “nothing really to write about…

  1. nora

    Good luck with the running…I have been trying to get back into shape as well. It is so hard with more than one child with you!!! It is hard with one child with you. You know, if you had moved here instead of there-we could play brain age instead. You do need a sharp mind you know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Good for you on the running thing!! Sucks at first, but it does wonders for my mental state. WOW, you are busy AND brave. Can’t believe how much you’ve been doing with all 4 kids! You are amazing. Oh, and you HAVE to see Ice Age 3; it’s hilarious. A little scary at time for the little ones, but your boys will probably love it. Mine did.

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