I thought I’d give this whole blog another try.  I guess it’s been a little while since my last effort so I could write all sorts of stuff. First off, here are some of the things that I (Mike) will and won’t miss about life in the UK.

Good Riddance…

Mazda vans that burn oil…winters where you don’t see the sun for weeks at a time…English pop radio…AFN commercials…6 hour time difference to call Grandparents…roads that try to kill you at least once a week…cold rainy days…getting mail/buying gas/groceries at the base…restaurants with no place for kids…

Wish we could…

Go to London for a show/museum/shopping…hang out with our friends…have another summer in Redman Close…fly low level in the Highlands…drink good beer…go to the Continent with family to see the sights…stay in such a tight knit squadron…take my wife back to Paris…take the kids on the train whenever I want…go to the Park-n-Ride to Cambridge…

Feel free to let me know what you love about the UK.  Maybe Lauren will put her fav’s up here (BBC anything is not one of mine).  The biggest thing I will miss is the supportive (base) community here.  We never would have survived the last year and all the challenges without everyone at the squadron/group, my commander(s), and all the wives who care so much (I’ll write a post about Grandmas later).  If I don’t get to you before we leave, thanks.


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  1. I always enjoy hearing Mike’s perspective. And I loved reading him write “take my wife back to Paris” under the “wish we could” section. So sweet. I hope the move happens smoothly and you guys love living back in FL.

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