2 more weeks!!!

I can’t believe that in 2 weeks we’ll be on our way to Heathrow to get on the plane to America!

I really think this move is going to eventually hit us like a brick – we’ve totally been concentrating on the positive aspects on it with the kids – I don’t think they’ve really thought at all about the fact that they are leaving their friends. I myself try not to think about that part at all either…and when I do I try to make myself believe that in 1 or 2 years, most to all of those people should be coming to where we’re going.

Right? RIGHT?!?!

Anyway, on tap for this weekend…last night Noah and Sawyer had Smart Start (a base program where they introduce 3-5 year olds to one sport per week – last night was baseball) and then had dinner at the pizza place with friends. Today mike will be steam cleaning carpets, while I make a trip to the store for milk and supplies for tonight. Tonight we have cocktail club – we’ll be bringing Appletinis if you’re interested. Tomorrow I’d like to go to Cambridge to the market one last time to get some typeset letters to spell Silas’ name for this thing we hang in our foyer (I had already purchased the letters to spell Moses, but obviously that won’t work anymore).  I’m not sure if we’ll make it to church, although we typically go to the evening service at the base chapel.

aaaannnddd….that’s our exciting schedule. Anyone doing anything super fun this weekend?


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