jeez, does anyone even still check this blog anymore?

I am a total blogging loser, aren’t I? I haven’t given y’all the labor story, I haven’t posted pictures of the super adorable Silas, I haven’t told y’all how we’re doing as a family of six….

And guess what – I’m not going to tell you that stuff tonight either!

We are in day 2 of the movers being here. We don’t actually move for another month or so, but because household goods can take a couple of months to reach their destinations, we decided we’d rather be without the majority of our stuff on this end, and hopefully it’ll be waiting for us when we close on a house.

Anyway, so moving – good times. Tomorrow they’ll finish up, and then the base will bring over some temporary furniture. I’m actually looking forward to having the house pretty empty, because while our house is certainly big enough for our needs, it does kinda feel like we’re crammed in here.

Hopefully things will calm down a little after the moving is done, and I’ll actually be able to write a catch-up post.

For now, we’re hanging in :).



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8 responses to “jeez, does anyone even still check this blog anymore?

  1. Jeannie

    Wooo! Moving moving moving! That means I can see you sometime soon. I can’t wait to meet Emmett and Silas and see all of you. It feels like you’ve been gone forever.

  2. What? Life is more important than blogging about life??? Ha ha. Good luck with the moving! Will keep checking in for pictures and all that stuff when you have the time.

  3. nora

    glad you are “hanging in”. we miss you guys and only hope for the best with the move…close on a house where???? of course we all know Silas is adorable-but we do like pictures!

  4. Of course I’m still checking! Good luck moving. Catch us up when life calms down; we’ll still be here!

  5. hang

    we’re still thinking of you guys. I miss talking to you. I’ll try to call at the end of the week and catch up – this time difference thing is definitely hard to keep up with. would love to see more pics and catch up.

  6. Beth

    It was good talking to you the other day. I check this blog everyday! I know you’re super busy. Can’t wait to see you! I talked to Sherry about the slots a Jacob’s Ladder. She said if things changed, she’d still try to fit the boys in. And she’d love to meet them. 🙂


  7. so, are you moving back to the states NOW?!! i didn’t know it would go that fast!! you MUST keep us posted!!

    hope all is well with ALL you boys (four is A LOT of boys!!).

  8. charityfaithrose

    Of course we still read :). Can’t believe things are moving so quickly. call if you need anything!

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