still here

…tired but here. And actually, not as tired as I could be, since for the past week and a half I pretty much just take care of Silas, while Mike has taken care of Noah and Sawyer, and my mom has taken care of Emmett. Mike went back to work today, and we started back with doctors’ appointments (Sawyer has his ear tubes and adenoids surgery on Thursday, so he had pre-op today, Emmett goes to the dentist tomorrow, in addition to therapy, Silas has his hearing test on Wed, and his 2 week well check on Thursday), so I’m expecting to get more tired in a hurry.

But Silas is an angel. That kid sleeps like none other. In fact, it worries me how much he does sleep (of course). But I’m trying to just enjoy this time while it lasts. And I just love him – I had forgotten all the funny faces newborns make, the way they root around like little baby piglets, the way that their poop doesn’t even really smell bad.

When I get a chance, I’ll tell y’all the labor story, which was very SHORT, but not that SWEET. For now, thank you everybody who has checked in on us, prayed for us, thought about us. We’re doing okay.



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5 responses to “still here

  1. Beth

    Awwww….newborn babies. I’m glad to hear the labor was short. Can’t wait to get the whole story. Glad to hear all’s well. I’ll be praying for Sawyer and his surgery. Not taking tonsils though?

    You’re always in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the update! 🙂 Hugs! xoxo

  2. hang

    glad to hear all it good. thanks for the update. you always seem to amaze me with everything that you do. We’ll be thinking about y’all this week. Thoughts and prayers being sent your way.

  3. nora

    Oh Lauren
    I am so glad you have baby Silas to make you smile. Newborns are so precious-just thinking of their smell makes me almost start lactating again! Ha. Wish I could be there to snuggle him. Really all of them. I can’t believe you have two sons I haven’t even met…Miss you.

  4. Yay for good sleepers! So very happy for you. Congrats! Enjoy him!

  5. Beth

    Hey Lauren! Have you checked your email??? I need some info from you. 🙂

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