home again

After a night in the hosptial due to what else – vomiting following the anesthesia and morphine – Noah is home again…unfortunately, he still has a cast on. But it is again a soft cast, and supposedly, it can come off in a week. However, we have heard the cast-coming-off promises before, and this time we have (finally) learned our lesson: we are not going to get Noah all excited about the prospect of getting his cast off. We have made this mistake twice before, as the doctor originally told us the cast would be off in 4 weeks (so we told him it would be off before his birthday), and then he told us it would be removed yesterday (and we told him so that he wouldn’t be so upset about missing the last day of school). Yesterday he woke up from the anesthesia crying about still having a cast on, and you try reasoning with a little boy all doped up on morphine…it isn’t easy.

Personally, I’m kind of glad we have at least a week of the soft cast now that the pin is out, as I was a lot nervous about going from pin and rock hard fiberglass cast to nada in one fell swoop. This way, he gets a week to learn to be a little careful with it again, because for the last month he has been banging that arm up against everything and anything, just to show us how hard the cast really is.

Anyway, I am really hoping that this boy is done with the anesthesia for the time being, because it does not agree with him at all. And we’re super glad to be out of the hospital, and out of school, which seem to be great breeding grounds for swine flu (is swine flu even news in America anymore, because every day we get the national death toll on the radio here, along with critisism on how the government is handling the pandemic, letters home from Noah’s school every day, etc). Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully expecting us to get it at some point, but if we could not have it with a days old newborn, that would be really, really fab.



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3 responses to “home again

  1. hang

    oh Lauren,

    glad that everything is going better now. it’s no fun with kids not feeling so well. glad that summer vacation can start now for y’all. sending lots of loves and kisses to Noah. hope everything is smooth sailing now.

  2. nora

    So excited to hear that Moses is really on the way! Who knows, he could make an appearance before Wednesday?? Poor poor Noah and family with the anesthesia-I hate the whole thing and have only had to do it three times and we didn’t even have vommit. You are so much stronger than you ever give yourself credit for. Hopefully the swine flu will pass you right by, and no, have not heard anything about it lately although I know that it is all over here and everywhere.
    Are we starting a poll about guess the baby’s weight?? I will put in for 9lbs 7oz. If I win you have to hang out with me somehow within 6 mo of making it to the states :)Of course, I will travel…

  3. Beth

    Poor Noah. Sorry he didn’t get his cast off. But I’m happy for you…I’d be a lot scared of a five year old going from a cast to nothing too!

    I’ve heard a little about swine flu. A few months ago, it was all over the news, but it seems to have dwindled off now. Sucks that it’s spreading there. I hope you don’t get it!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all stays well in your house. Wish me luck that we are over everything too. Apparently a ton of kids got Hand Foot and Mouth after Griffin. That wasn’t fun at all.

    My guess on weight…have I already made one? I think I have. I’ll make another guess.
    9lbs 12oz.


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