Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!!!

edited to add: oh yeah, to answer the last post’s question – last week’s ultrasound was showing that the baby was 8lb 4oz as of last Thursday. I’m pretty sure that was an overestimation, but still – pretty large, yeah?

Who wants to guess what happens Wednesday?

We’ll be having a baby!!!

(This is kind of a shared post – now its Lauren writing)…I went for my 38 week appointment today, and they’ve scheduled an induction for me for next Wednesday (6 frappin days!!!!). And after telling me on Tuesday that she wouldn’t strip my membranes today because I’m GBS positive, she offerred to do that today if I wanted her to. I chose not to because apparently I’m 3 cm dilated right now and 50% effaced, and she thinks that I would have had the baby today. And today doesn’t really work because tomorrow something else happens…

Noah goes under anesthesia to get his cast taken off and pin removed!!! He is super excited to have the cast off, and we are too, because a higher level of personal hygeine for the little boys around here would be a good thing. We don’t know if he’ll have to spend the night or not yet, although we know he’s scheduled for the afternoon. Please pray for him, that everything goes smoothly, and that the anesthesia/painkillers don’t make him as sick as last time.

But after the cast is off, we are totally ready to have the baby…and by ready I mean that Mike and I have now crossed the line and are less scared of having a newborn than we are tired of me feeling like absolute doo-doo all the time. I certainly don’t mean ready in that we have anything ready for the baby, like clothes out, car seat ready to go, etc.

And because this post is all over the place already, thank you for Noah’s birthday wishes. He had a great birthday party last Friday, and I totally need to write a post all about my favorite 5 year old, but here’s a few pics:


{Noah being blasted with foam – his favorite part of the party}


{blowing out candles (obv)}


{I love this boy so much}


{Berd and Sawyer dancing}



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4 responses to “Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!!!

  1. charityfaithrose

    Totally, absolutely exciting!!!! Can’t wait to meet Moses. Let us know if you need ANYTHING! Love you guys 🙂

  2. Beth

    Yeah!!!! I can’t wait!!!! I’m so excited that you have a date. My guess is you might be having him before that. 🙂

    Happy Birthday again to Noah. I’ll write more later. Gotta go watch a movie.

  3. OMG, I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hang

    that’s so exciting to know that baby Moses will be here soon. I’m so sad that I won’t get to see him but can’t wait to see pics. we miss you guys already.

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