who wants to guess….

…how big the baby is now, based on today’s 37 week ultrasound?

Here’s your hint: the ultrasonagrapher couldn’t get the whole abdomen into the picture 🙂

BUT: I have to say that I am soooo much more comfortable now that England’s heat wave appears to be over. For a while over the past few weeks, we’ve seen temps in the high 80’s, which isn’t that hot until you think about not having any air conditioning in your house, car, or any public place. We are now back to the 60’s, which is just fine with me (I can’t even believe I’m saying this out loud, being a total beach girl myself). I think I can hold out for another 10 days or so – after that I make no promises.



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7 responses to “who wants to guess….

  1. Beth

    OK. Here’s my guess on his weight 9lbs 13 oz. 🙂

    Thank goodness you’re there and not over here. It has been SO hot here lately. Yuck. Logan starts sweating the second I take him outside.

    Any word on your exact leave date?

    And will they induce you soon?

  2. Britta

    oooh I totally get the no air thing — ours is out AGAIN and it is 88 degrees inside right now and rising UUUGH SO very hot! When is that baby due? Do you think he will come sooner than later?

  3. No guesses, but best wishes! And I’m with you (or at least, the “you” that you are at 9 months pregnant) — temps over 75 for me are TOO HOT.

  4. At 37 weeks, my guess is 7lbs 8oz. Or, you could pop out a peanut and then just feel like a HUGE pig like I did;)

  5. Nora

    Hmmmm. Your boys were pretty big by 38 weeks, and you say this one is REALLY big, so my guess is nearly 9 lbs. Much bigger and they would think about induction/section, right?? Just think of the poor women who carry multiples! Certainly gave me a new respect near the end of my pregnancies. Ughhh thank goodness I am not you right now, on SO many levels. Although your family is pretty wonderful….I do love AC

  6. Beth

    Happy Birthday Noah!!!!!

  7. nora

    Noah we miss you! Happy birthday to my future son-in-law 🙂

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