our life

…is really pretty unbelievable to me. Both the good parts and the bad parts.

I don’t even want to recap this weekend, but I’ll give you the short short version:

Friday night – went to pub crawl with mike for a number of people who are leaving this summer. Much fun, except I am REALLY looking forward to being able to participate in what a pub crawl involves. I don’t have a craving for any particular type of alcoholic drink, just really to not be the one who can’t do anything.

Saturday: Margaret, Hang and I went to the Royal Ascot Races (horseracing, for all you peasants out there), and had a fabulous time. I have decided that it would be nice to be rich, and go to horseraces on the weekends in Fancy Hats and dresses. And I would really really like to see Mike wear a top hat and morning coat – I think he would totally rock that look (although when I told him that, he replied “don’t I look hot in whatever I wear?”, and I can’t really argue with that, now can I? We even ate at a Japanese Steakhouse that night – which is something that isn’t easy to find in England, my friends, and it was soooo good – worth Margaret having to drive literally all through the city of London to get us there and then home again.

Saturday night: this is where things go pretty much downhill. I had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night (in an ambulance) for a heart problem. I don’t want to talk about it anymore than that, except to say that the baby is fine, hopefully it won’t happen again, but if it does, then they can treat it. And I feel ok now, just totally wiped out, and that’s not very different than how I felt before.

Sunday: still at the hospital until mid-morning (Happy Father’s Day, babe!), and then we spent the rest of the day resting after our eventful night.

Thank God again that my mom was here. Jeez, she is turning into a real lifesaver, in so many more ways than I expected.

And thank God for Mike. I’m not sure how this all would have gone this weekend if he hadn’t been here. I probably wouldn’t have called 999, because I would have thought that I was overreacting to what was going on. And its definitely something that I needed to go to the ER for. Although I think seeing Mike freaked out was possibly one of the more scary things that I’ve seen, because my husband? does not freak out….ever.

Thank you for being such a great husband, Mike. Thank you even more for being such a fantastic father. I love you so much, and I’m really sorry you didn’t get to go play golf on Father’s Day. You definitley deserve a poker night or something along those lines.



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12 responses to “our life

  1. Holly

    Just can’t take a day off from drama, can you? 🙂 Glad you are home and everything is ok for now. Hope this heart problem is one that goes away when you deliver. Which is soon. What’s your due date? How much longer do you have to cook that little baby?

  2. Wow, it never seems to slow down for you guys, and I can’t imagine it will in the near future either. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I literally don’t know how you do it. You’re an amazing family.

  3. TX Cajun

    Wow, how scary! Glad you are feeling better and take care of yourself.

  4. Heart troubles are scary. I have had some, too, and I’m not even thirty yet! I hope at least something will take a backseat so that the rest of your pregnancy and the upcoming move are a little less stressful. And, the girls’ day sounds fabulous!

  5. Jeannie

    I have no words…just…holy poop. I love you and can’t wait til you are back in the States!!!

  6. I know just that feeling of seeing the otherwise steady hand lose it. It is seriously so so scary. i’m glad you are ok and baby is ok. soon you will pub-crawlin’ with the best of ’em!

    Man wouldn’t it be the charmed life to dress up like that on the weekends?!?! A whole different world.

  7. Wow. Glad you are okay now. I can’t wait for the day when you get to write a post about how boring and uneventful your life is. 🙂

  8. Beth

    I’m so glad to hear an update from you! But so bummed that it involves a hospital stay. I hope you’re okay. That baby will be here soon!

  9. nora

    Oh Lauren. You have such an eventful life! I would love to go to Ascot with you someday…when we are fabulously rich of course. Was this similar to the heart thing with Noah that your Dr pooh-poohed in FL? I talked to my mom about it and she said blah blah nurse talk that needs to be monitored, checked out etc etc…Hang in there. Thank God many times over for Berd!

  10. oh, lauren…does it ever end?! will you have just have NOTHING going on?!

    i pray that they rest of your pregnancy passess uneventfully.

    i am glad you guys were able to go out and enjoy yourselves with your freinds…you SO deserve it!

  11. Beth

    how’s everything going?? haven’t heard from you in forever. email me! Hugs!

  12. Christina

    I’m really late jumping in here, but just want to say I’m glad you’re okay. Hope the heart thing doesn’t happen again either. Ambulance rides and nights in the hospital are no fun. And I would know. 🙂

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