my prediction

…is that this boy is going to be pretty darn dirty by the time this cast comes off in 4-6 weeks.

We are home, after 2 nights in the hospital. Noah is doing okay while trying to adjust to using just one arm for a while. He has truly been so brave during this whole ordeal – we are so proud of him.

One of the yucky parts  – apparently British medicine doesn’t really allow for any fun. Noah’s cast is not the kind that you can draw on (its covered in a vet-wrap-like material), nor is it colorful. His cast and sling are plain cream colored. So the cool part about having a broken arm – that all your friends can draw on the cast – seems to be not part of the equation. The sling is literally a plain kercheif tied around his neck, so maybe we can find some fun ones of those, at least. Poor boy.

Oh yes, in case you were wondering, STILL NO WORD on Emmett’s appeal. Actually, there have been words, which will have to go on a password protected post, but we don’t have an answer. Which is getting pretty stupid.

At least we’ve been busy while we’ve been waiting.



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6 responses to “my prediction

  1. Glad to hear Noah’s back home and dealing with this whole thing like such a trooper. Hope it heals quickly. Praying for you about the appeal.

  2. Maybe you can find some fabric markers and his friends can decorate the kerchief instead. Then, he could actually keep it when he’s done rather than just cut the cast off and throw it away. Good luck trying to keep him at least a little bit clean!

  3. I have been following your blog for quite some time:) We, too, adopted a baby from Vietnam! She is almost 3 now and quite a handful. Unlike you, though, I only have 1 other child! If you would like access to my blog, please let me know. I would love your password so I can continue to read your stories about raising 3 (almost 4) boys!!!

  4. Beth

    I’m glad to hear that your home. That sucks that he doesn’t have a colorful cast. Kinda takes the fun out of it.

    I hope you hear something about E soon!! Take it easy, Lauren.

  5. Maybe puffy paints or stickers or something? Otherwise, a cast just stinks (literally and figuratively!).

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