Bottom Line Up Front

Open reduction

Rod in his forearm for 6 weeks

Arm should be fine

Home on Sunday?

Lauren will update again later with all the details.



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6 responses to “Bottom Line Up Front

  1. Charity

    Let us know if y’all need anything.

  2. Oh, my! I hope he heals quickly and with as little pain as possible.

  3. Jennifer

    Oh no! I was so hoping and praying it would be a quick, simple process. I suppose that would be unheard of for you guys though, right? I guess it’s at least good that Berd is there.

  4. Nora

    I am going to re-name you guys the “Worst Case Scenario” family. At least boredom is not a problem. Poor Noah! Good news is boys like scars-especially ones with a good story like falling from tall things. I have a feeling with 4 boys this will be the first of many broken bones. We have yet to make a trip to the ER for an acute injury (knock on wood)and am not envious in the least. Tell Noah we are thinking of him and the girls would give him lots of kisses and spoil him rotten for his boo-boo(they do it for each other with band-aid worthy wounds).

  5. Beth

    Poor Noah! I thought it would be Logan who got the first broken arm. Give Noah lots of love and hugs from us.

    Hopefully you’re home soon!

  6. Christina

    Oh goodness did I miss a lot! Poor Noah! (And poor mommy too!) Hope his arm is feeling better now that the bones are set and that he heals up real good.
    Also praying for the other “stuff” you are dealing with…

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