Our first broken bone

For those of you who haven’t heard, Noah broke his arm today at school.  Apparently he jumped off a piece of playground equipment and fell forward onto his left arm when he lost his balance landing.  Privately he told me that it was because his shoe wasn’t all the way on.

Anyway, he completely broke one of the bones in his left forearm (radius) and has a hairline greenstick fracture in the other (ulna).  The Dr here said we can wait until tomorrow to reset the bone because by the time we were through with the x-rays and got here the surgeons were ready to leave for the day.

Tomorrow morning, they will put Noah under anesthesia and attempt to do a ‘closed reduction’ on his bone.  If it works and is stable, they will cast it and we’ll be done.  If not stable, they’ll put a rod along the length of the bone that comes out the same time as the cast comes off (4-6 weeks).  If unable to do a ‘closed reduction,’ they are going to have to do an ‘open reduction,’ which should leave a nasty scar.

Please pray that our little boy doesn’t have too much pain between now and then, and that the bone Dr’s can fix his arm without having to cut it open.  We’ll try to update as soon as anything changes, but you should know that Noah has been very brave and doesn’t seem to be in a terrible amount of pain.




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4 responses to “Our first broken bone

  1. Oh my, the fun never stops for you guys, does it? And by “fun” of course, I mean “not fun at all, in any way shape or form.” I’ll be praying everything goes well!

  2. I hope they can get it set with the closed surgery. Poor little guy, I’m sure he’ll love having everyone sign his cast though. 🙂

  3. Wow, so sorry to hear about this — you’ve got so much right now.

  4. Nora

    So here is a question…does leaving it unset overnight to swell and what not make it MUCH less likely they will be able to do a closed reduction? Just curious. Poor family-can’t catch a break. Oh wait that IS what you got. I am just so funny!

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