real quick-like

I know I haven’t updated in forever – things have been beyond crazy these past couple of weeks, what with assembling our appeal for Emmett (see the previous post), and other….stuff.

We submitted our appeal today. According to our person in charge of this kind of stuff at the base, its likely that we will hear an answer before the weekend (as long as the people in America are in town and at work).

Please pray for us – its pretty important on many levels, both personal and professional, that we get to go to this next assignment, but if we can’t go, please pray that we can move on without resentment towards anyone, trusting that although we can’t see it, surely the Lord does have a plan for our family.



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7 responses to “real quick-like

  1. nora

    I have been thinking of you guys every day…multiple times. thanks for taking the time to keep us updated. we miss you, especially with b-day’s approaching. I can’t believe they are turning 5. FIVE!!!!

  2. Beth

    You know I’ll be sending y’all tons of prayers. I know how important this is and I really want you to move here!!!! Loves and hugs!

  3. Jeannie

    I have you guys (and where you will live) on my mind all the time. I really really hope they approve your appeal. They have to. Argh.

  4. Britta

    Wow- what wondreful things to ask for. I am thinking about yall- thinking about the summer joint b-day parties… miss you!

  5. Jennifer

    Oh, girl. I’ve been wondering how the appeal process was going. Not knowing is often the hardest part for me cause I can come up with so many things to worry about.

    No matter where you ultimately end up living, you know God has a plan for your family. He’s not going to let you end up in the wrong place. It might seem like the wrong place to you, but it won’t be. You might not ever understand why that was so in this life, but there’s definitely a plan. Try to focus your mind on that if you can.

  6. charityfaithrose

    We’ll definitely be praying for you all. Let us know if there is anything you need. How did Noah’s appt go?

  7. What a great attitude/outlook you have about it all (or are setting to goal to have?). I really admire that.

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