Thank you sir, may I have another?

I know I’ve read a blog post titled this in the past month, but I can’t remember whose….

I’d actually like to title this post something different – an expression that a guy that lived in our house of plenty in college (remember Mike, Jeannie?) used on a regular basis, that involved bending over and …well, I’m sure you can imagine – but I think many of our readers would maybe, perhaps be offended.

ANYWAY, all that intro to say – I have to have another ultrasound on Monday. My uterus is measuring 5 weeks bigger than it should. I wish that meant that I have only 7 weeks left until Moses is fully cooked, but I know that can’t be right.

I promise not to google ‘too big uterus’ before the ultrasound, but really, are you kidding me?



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11 responses to “Thank you sir, may I have another?

  1. Beth

    Definitely don’t google it. 🙂
    Maybe he had a growth spurt? I was always measuring two or more weeks bigger with Griffin….then I would level out again.

    Let us know how it goes!

  2. nora

    All I have to say is, big bellies are awesome! Go Moses! Besides the headache of actually getting there (and the worries of why you were getting them) I loved having “extra” ultrasounds. Post again soon.
    Miss you

  3. myminivanrocks

    I always measured three weeks bigger, so they ended up doing ultrasounds every couple of weeks at the end of my pregnancy. In the end he was a pretty normal sized baby (8 lbs, 5 oz), born at 39 weeks. Don’t Google it. Just wait for the ultrasound, which will hopefully make you feel BETTER on Monday!

  4. Maybe he’s just a swimmer and you have lots of extra amniotic fluid? LOTS??? I agree, don’t google it (not that I’d take my own advice); just wait until Monday.

  5. Christina

    Definitely DON’T google!! I’m sure you’re fine and the baby’s fine. Maybe you really are farther along than you thought?? Anyway, it’s cool to get another peek at your baby, right? 🙂

  6. Jennifer

    Take a deep breath. The really bad stuff that would cause you to measure too far ahead would have almost certainly (like, really, unless it was a 1940’s u/s machine with an idiot running it kind of certainty) been discovered at your regular u/s around 20 weeks.

    How do I know this?

    Cause I, too, measured 5 weeks ahead with Kane’s pregnancy. This was at my 26+ week visit, so right about the same time you’re at now. They are OK with anything up to 4 weeks ahead, but that’s the cut off for sending you for an u/s.

    I did not, much to your surprise I am sure, wait til the u/s before Google became my best friend. This was shortly before Prozac became my new best friend, by the way.

    The first thing to remember with fundal height measurements is how accurate it is, or rather, is not. Measurements vary from one provider to another even if done seconds apart.

    The second thing to remember is that the baby might be lying different in there than previously, thus throwing off the measurement.

    Third, it is COMPLETELY NORMAL for breeders such as you and I, you know, the ones who have back to back to back to back (oops, that was one too many backs I think) pregnancies….it’s normal for us to have uterii that know what to do and do it well…stretch, that is. I really just wanted to use the word uterii in that sentence, so I hope it’s actually a word.

    Fourth, having a bigger than average baby can throw off fundal height measurements. It can also do bad things to the privates during birth, or so I’ve heard, so we’ll hope for a no on this one. 😉

    Fifth, having lots of amnotic fluid, but still within the normal range, can throw off the measurements.

    Lastly, 5cm ahead is only ONE off from the accepted range of normal. In the grand scheme of fundal height measurements, 5cm off at your stage of pregnancy isn’t alarming, just enough to warrant a look-see to be absolutely certain nothing is amiss in there.

    With Kane, it was decided that a combination of things caused my measurement to be bigger than expected. One was I’d just been pregnant with twins the year before. My poor uterus was probably still reeling from that when I got pregnant again. Two is that Kane was bigger than average (8lbs 10oz at 38 weeks). Three is that my amniotic fluid index (AFI) was 24.9. The range for normal is 5-25. I can definitely say I had A LOT of fluid cause it looked like someone had poured gallons of water on my kitchen floor when my membranes ruptured.

    I continued to measure 4-6 weeks ahead until a week before he was born, then he “dropped”, and I was right on the money the last week. My bladder was most unhappy, but my fundal height was normal again.

    And look at my boy now. He’s normal. Well, normal enough. Well, ok, fine. I am sure that MOSES will be normal. How’s that? 😉

  7. put down the mouse and step away from the computer! do not google! but since I am sure you will…I will again pray for peace for you as you wait for reassurance!

  8. Sarah

    I googled it for you and I agree with everything Jennifer said. Char measured 4 weeks ahead, and she is well fairly normal. LOL

  9. I’m praying. Praying this is a huge baby, that your dates are off, or that you had a med student/resident measuring your fundal height at some point;) I’m thinking about you and Mr. Moses.

  10. Beth

    I hope everything went well!!!

  11. Britta

    well… what happened?

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