Like everyone else and their mother, I want to win this giveaway at Pho for Five:

Date TT2

{they’re called Tiny Tags}

You can enter too! But you really shouldn’t, because I don’t have a rat’s patootie’s chance of winning already, and you entering will just make it worse.

But this necklace would be perfect for ME, because I now have too many children to wear my silhouette necklace that I got from Etsy with Noah and Sawyer’s profiles. I need a new necklace…maybe for mother’s day? (this is a hint Mike. And I know you’ve already gotten me a desk for Mother’s Day, but that was British Mother’s day, which was quite a while back, and this would be for American Mother’s Day, which is coming up fast! And if you check out Laurie’s blog, then you could get the code for 20% off – that’s a real bargain!).

I’m off to Facebook about this for another chance to win!


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  1. Beth

    Lauren…..where are you??? 🙂

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