birthday boys

Saturday was Emmett and Sawyer’s joint birthday party. Since Emmett can’t really make his opinion known, Sawyer took the lead and decided he wanted a Star Wars theme. Never one to deny my children anything (snort), I of course obliged. Here are some pics…but warning, we really didn’t get good ones of Emmett – he was in a horrid mood before everyone got there, and then we got busy with the food and making sure none of the paint from the light-saber-decorating-activity ended up in our house (fail).


{the cake: supposed to be 2 light sabers crossed, one red, one blue…the kids all agreed that the cake totally looked like light sabers after being told that it was a LIGHT SABER CAKE}


{blowing out his candles – I can’t believe he will be 3 in a few days!}


{he was SO THRILLED about the whole shebang – people singing to him, presents, cake, Star Wars, everything! This is the first year that he really understands what birthdays are all about, and his excitement about it just melts my heart into a big puddle of goo}


{Emmett striking a pose, but definitely not ready for his close-up. And I’m just now realizing that I didn’t put his ‘birthday boy’ shirt on. Rats}

I think the party was a success, although I prefer my events with alcohol. Which of course was present at this party (what would a child’s birthday party be without alcohol for the grown-ups), but alas, not for me. We had a good time at least, and I know Noah and Sawyer had an absolute blast. Emmett always enjoys a crowd, so he was in high spirits as more people arrived. Thanks to all of our friends who celebrated with us – and thanks for all of the loot!

Lastly, on the subject of birthdays, I will of course hopefully be giving birth to another little boy in approximately 14 weeks (although 12 weeks would really work better, Lord, please?). And this boy must be named. So the name we’ve almost 100% decided on is……

Moses Robert

Feel free to comment (as I go curl up in a fetal position in the closet)…it really came down to Jasper, Moses and Silas.

Silas I LOVE, but as Holly pointed out a while back, if you shorten it to Sy, it does make me think about a guy we went to school with who could be not all that nice sometimes, and I think our family knows better than anyone that you can’t really control the shortening of your child’s name. Mike’s mom calls him Michael, but really NOBODY ELSE does, and Mike and our last name said together makes a joke that never gets old at each new base we move to. Soooo, back to the point, I didn’t want Silas to turn into Sy, and I really didn’t want to use a name starting with S, because of Sawyer.

Jasper I also LOVE, but the whole Twilight thing weirds me out a little. Jasper and Emmett are both names I had picked out before Ms. Meyer wrote her bestsellers, but I don’t really want to explain that for the next 5 years. And Mike just simply doesn’t like it. Now Mike didn’t really like the name Sawyer either until we decided on it, but also he didn’t like Jasper as a condender when I was pregnant with Sawyer or waiting on Emmett. And he is willing to give in to my wishes, but I don’t want it to roll that way – I want him to like the name we pick out, not to feel like I ‘won’.

So Moses: I really really like it, it fits all of my naming requirements, it fits all of Mike’s naming requirements (has to be an obviously boy’s name, can’t be a verb or a noun – like Dash or Ranger), and Mike likes it, I think.

Alright, I think we’re all caught up here. Man, things are so busy around here lately that I really need to post every day or each post is like a chapter. I will try to do better. Today I have nothing to report, other than Noah has a fever and didn’t go back to school today. I really, really hope he feels better tomorrow, partly because I hate when they run fevers with no obvious cause, it makes me worry all the more, partly because he is just miserable, and it kills me to see him like that, and partly because I am supposed to go on a girl’s shopping trip tomorrow that has been planned for about a month.



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7 responses to “birthday boys

  1. Christina

    Happy Birthday to Emmett and Sawyer!! And congrats on picking a name! He definitely won’t have 4 other boys with his name in his class… but then, you never know, who would have thought that Hazel would become a popular girl’s name again?! 🙂

  2. No nasty comments from me- Robert was my dad’s name, so good pick! We’re naming our baby boy Samuel Robert. I like Moses better than Jasper and Silas.

  3. Jenna

    Nice!!! Jordan is obsessed with STAR WARS too! I have learned everything I never wanted to know about STAR WARS!!!

  4. Beth

    Man! I was guessing Jasper!! I suppose I was wrong again. 🙂 And Jasper was really starting to grow on me.

    Moses is a big name. A name to live up to, definitely. I had completely forgotten it was in the running. Do you think people will comment on the Noah and Moses thing? Also, a nickname would be Mo….

    Happy Birthday to the boys!

    Did you get my email?

  5. charityfaithrose

    I had thought you would go with that name! And I LOVE it!!! :). Has Robbie been officially told though, because he is going to be very excited ;)!!!
    The party was a blast. The girls had so much fun! And, well, umm, I am not surprised you had paint in your house because we did too!!! At least it cleans easily ;)!!!

  6. Of the three choices, Moses is definitely the best. 🙂 I actually think it’s kind of cute. Can’t wait to see which of the boys (or neither) that he looks like! Will you move before or after the baby is born??

  7. Mom

    thanks for the name sake. Now we have a little Bob or Bobby in the family. It made my day.


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