weekend recap – easter edition

Ok, I’ve got to get this done, so that I can move on to last weekend, with Sawyer and Emmett’s birthday party.

So the Friday before Easter, Mike and all the other dads had off from work, so we took the kids to Church Farm, which is this awesome farm with lots of kids’ activities, etc. Here are some of the highlights:


{Sawyer giving love to the belly}


{who knew tractor riding could be taken this seriously?}


{one of my favorite Emmett pictures ever}

So we had lots of fun hanging out with our friends, jumping on trampolines (not me – are you crazy?), petting animals (this I totally did, then worrried later that that was possibly not the best idea for a pregnant woman), and shopping in the lovely gift shop.

And then the day got even better – the OB clinic finally returned a call I had made on Tuesday (military providers have 72 hours to respond to telephone consults) about my unsightly leg. My extremely unsightly leg that now sports multiple varicose veins in the thigh and calf regions, as well as a large purple spot where the blood pools down near my ankle that appeared on our European vacation. Well, this alarmed the OB a teensy tiny bit, and he had his nurse tell me that he wanted me to be seen that very day – only the OB clinic was closing early due to an inverted commas “clinic function” (defintion: cutting out early for the holiday weekend). So I would need to go to labor and delivery, which of course never closes.

So the whole fam drives over to the base, arriving shortly before 3. I head into the hospital by myself, while Mike stays in the car with 3 sleeping boys. An hour and a half later, Mike brings the boys inside to see what on earth could be taking so long, only to meet me, in a wheelchair, on my way to radiology to get my leg ultrasounded. This was after I got hooked up to the toco (is that what that machine is called? the one they do NSTs with?), all my vitals taken, and examined by the doctor, who announces that as long as the ultrasound checked out, I would be allowed to go home (???!!!).

So they do the ultrasound to rule out a deep vein thrombosis, and everything is absolutely fine (well, except for the unsightlyness of my leg, which I am told will continue to worsen as the pregnancy goes on, and will not get better afterwards), but it takes about 2 hours to find that out. So instead of Mike being able to go on a pub crawl that night with the guys, we took the kids to eat at the Bx, and went home.

Saturday Mike did get to go golfing with his buddies, and that night we went over to our friends’ Robbie and Margaret’s for dinner. Where I proceeded to fall asleep with Sawyer on their recliner at approximately 8 pm. What can I say – I am the life of any party.

Then, on Sunday – Easter. And the Easter Bunny DID come, in case anyone was in doubt. But he left stern instructions that the toy he brought each of the boys would be put into time out for the day any day that they were naughty. Days that they have been able to play with their star wars legos for more than 1 hour since Easter: zero.

So then we went to the Easter service at the Ely Cathedral, since our church was only doing a sunrise service on Easter (which would have meant a 5am wake up time, which was not happening). The kids were totally bored until Communion, when they received not only a blessing from the church, but also candy.

Later that afternooon, we went to Hang and Pat’s house for Easter dinner and egg hunting, along with our group of friends. I have no pictures from this event, as our camera’s battery was at home, charging. Hang, Sarah, do you guys have any pics of our kids from this day? Pretty please?

The highlight of the night was when we played trivial pursuit, as we do lots of times, girls vs boys, and for the first time EVER – THE LADIES WON! I am now retired from trivial pursuit until we have friends whose husbands are not smart.

I think that about wraps it up – that would bring us to Monday, with Emmett’s ER visit, and we’ve already gone over that, haven’t we, hmmm?

Oh, and I think we’ve decided on a baby name. I’m afraid to tell y’all, because it wasn’t anyone’s favorite, and I’m sure some of y’all will really not like it. But? We like it. And I have to make a decision before the bazaar, where I will need to purchase some typeset letters to go along with the rest of the family’s that I have in this antique typeset thing-a-ma-bob. This is how decisions get made in our family.



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7 responses to “weekend recap – easter edition

  1. Beth

    So what’s the baby’s name?????? Come on!!!! Jasper?

  2. charityfaithrose

    So are you just going to leave us hanging???
    Few quick things. Had so much fun at Church Farm and Easter. Check my facebook pics, I put up all I had of Easter and I have no idea what all there was now!
    And um, have you thought about the fact that it was my stellar Trivial Pursuit skills that won us that game (hahaha), after all it was my first time playing ;)!

  3. Jenna

    Beautiful pics. I love that one of Emmett too!!!

  4. I love that picture of Emmett. Love it! Sweetness is just radiating from his face.

    So, is it Jasper???? Is it???? Come on . . . you know you want it to be Jasper . . .

  5. oh charity, you already know the name, silly girl! and OF COURSE we only won because you were there!

  6. Beth


  7. I LOVE Ely Cathedral. Sigh.

    I am SO SORRY about your leg. Scary!

    And count me with everyone else who is all, “Yeah, who cares, NAME PLEASE.”

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