our vacation in pictures

Our vacation went like this: we took the early morning ferry from Dover to Dunkerque (France), then drove to Brugge, Belgium. We spent the night there, then drove to Grindelwald, Switzerland, where we stayed for 2 nights. Then we drove to Paris, stayed overnight, and then came back on the late ferry home. It was the first time we had taken Emmett anywhere, and a pretty adventurous schedule for us, but despite some hiccups, we are SO glad that we went, and we had a great time with our friends. So here we go…


{Sawyer and I in Brugge}


{Noah, gazing wistfully into one of the many chocolate shops in Brugge}


{Noah, at the playground at our hotel in Grindelwald}

*I am thinking that we forgot to bring our camera the day that we rode the train to the Top of Europe, and I’m really hoping that Hang and Pat have pictures of Mike and Sawyer at the top of the mountain (that’s when Noah and I got sick, and we took Emmett back down with us without ever going outside}


{The fam at the Eiffel Tower}


{ah, Paris}

Coming soon: Easter weekend recap, including farm animals! trips to labor and delivery! dinner with friends!

Speaking of Easter, has anyone out there ever had to cancel the Easter Bunny before? We have made a really big deal about how the Easter Bunny only brings a toy to boys and girls that obey their parents, don’t whine, aren’t naughty, etc. Well, today has been a banner day in Noah and Sawyer’s behavior – we’ve had mucho whining, yelling, and even the destroying of a book (which is pretty darn close to blasphemy in our house, even if the book is a Ben10 book). So now I’ve told the boys that Daddy and I were going to have to have a long talk with the Easter Bunny about whether they had been good enough to get their Easter present. I don’t know what to do – I’ll feel like kind of a pushover if they get the presents now, but I’ll feel totally heartless if we tell them that the Easter Bunny decided that they just hadn’t acted up to snuff, and better luck next year. Of course, Emmett will be receiving his present from the Easter Bunny, being not able to really be naughty.

What to do? Am I horrible for even considering cancelling the Bunny?



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7 responses to “our vacation in pictures

  1. You can’t cancel the Easter Bunny! Make something up like…have the Easter Bunny leave them a note that they were naughty but he knows they can do better. Or something like that. Maybe he leaves a note that when they are naughty the toys he brought have to get put up for a week or something.

    Good luck! Loved your pics! I miss Europe!

  2. Britta

    Could the easter bunny give them a “probation period” note and have them try really hard and maybe next Sunday he could come by and bring the present?

  3. I’ve done what Britta suggested once before. I didn’t cancel our Easter egg hunt, but I postponed it for a week to see if they could pull their heads out and have a better week. They did. We must have looked like idiots to the neighbors, out there hunting for eggs a week after Easter.

  4. charityfaithrose

    Okay, I’m mean, but I can understand why you would highly consider it. But then again, part of being a Christian is forgiveness. So I think leaving a note w/ the gifts saying you need to show you are sorry and you can earn them back is a great thing!

  5. Beth

    I would do a postponement…maybe tell them you talked to the Easter bunny and he was going to give them one more chance to be good. If they can be all day, the Easter bunny will come in the morning. Something like that.

    Love the pictures! The one of you and Mike is so great! Paris is so beautiful. I loved the Eiffel Tower….

    Love you!!

  6. Jeannie

    Let us know what you decided about the Easter Bunny. I think everyone here had great ideas.

    I LOVE all of the pictures! You guys are such a beautiful family. Emmett looks so happy with his cupcake.

    Any news on when/where you are moving? I was just home this past week and was wishing so bad that you were there.

  7. Love the picture and glad y’all had a great trip.

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