emmett’s birthday pictures

i’ve been feeling really discouraged about Emmett lately, so to cheer myself up, I thought I’d post some pictures from his birthday…we haven’t seen any smiles like this in a while…


{perhaps Mike was right – that kid DID need a haircut}


{3 excited little boys}


{he looks interested, doesn’t he?}




{post-forced-tasting…he’s not so sure he should still be smiling…after all, what if we actually make him EAT that cupcake?}


{could be titled “The Aftermath”…or “Why We Don’t Let Emmett Play With Food Even Though His Therapist Would Like Us To” – notice the mess on the tray, but the distinct lack of mess near his mouth}

Coming Soon: vacation pictures…but only if you’ll excuse the fact that we’re still trying to learn how to use our fancy camera – they don’t call that thing The Rebel for nothing, you know.



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7 responses to “emmett’s birthday pictures

  1. The boys are all just adorable! Emmett is super cute “eating” his birthday cake. I completely understand about hating the mess. Mallory is just as messy at 15 months as E is at 12 months. 🙂 When does that get better? Yogurt is the worst. Ick.

  2. Okay, has it been forever since you posted pictures of the kids or what? Emmett looks like a totally different kid than I remember ever seeing. All three are completely cute, and the smiles are just fantastic!

  3. yea!! PICTURES!! i am so excited to see the kiddos…i has been SO long since you have posted any! emmett is so much BIGGER!! just precious 🙂 and i love the one of all the boys smiling…so fun!

    can’t wait to see vacation pictures!

  4. Oh my gosh, he is just soooo adorable. Emmett looks so big now and geez is he ever cute. Seriously. Did you touch the hair? I LOVE the hair!

  5. Beth

    Love, love, LOVE the pictures! How cute! Can’t wait to see pics from your trip. We got a fancy new camera too. Steve got it for me for my birthday. 🙂 Haven’t used it much yet. I think it’s a Rebel too.

  6. charityfaithrose

    So adorable!! And seriously, not that messy with the food! You are lucky it was mostly contained, lol!!

  7. That first picture when he sees the cupcake but before the “forced taste”…hilarious, the way he looks like he’s almost quivering with excitment to see it!

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