home again home again….

We’re back! And we had a fabulous time, despite the following complications:

  • the CRV broke down on the first day in Belgium
  • Emmett apparently is not a fan of riding in the car for hours at a time
  • we forgot Sawyer’s antibiotics in the hotel fridge in Brugge, and had to get more in Switzerland
  • on the only thing that my friend Hang wanted to do – which was ride a train to the top of Europe, the highest point in Europe – I got light-headed and a little dizzy and had to come down right away with Noah (who wasn’t feeling good either with the altitude and Emmett) – leaving Mike not very happy about the amount of money he spent on a ticket for me, and leaving me feeling like a total loser
  • on our last night in Paris, Emmett decided that crying all night long for no apparent reason would be much more fun than, say, SLEEPING
  • when we arrived home, about midnight last night, we found that we had been locked out of our house, despite Mike asking our pet sitter to please leave the door open, since he would have our only key…instead, he stuck it through the mail slot. After waiting on our base housing maintenence man to try to open the door until 3 in the morning, we gave up and drove to the base and slept at the tlf. We finally we let into our house around noon
  • Apparently the pet sitter thought it would be a good idea to open all the upstairs doors we had closed off (so that the cats wouldn’t be able to hide from him the whole time we were gone), and at least one of our cats decided that the best place to use the potty would be Sawyer’s bed.

But, despite the fact that we are a traveling disaster, we really did have a wonderful time. We are so thankful that Hang and Pat are still talking to us after having to put up with our Crazy Show for 5 days. We love you guys!



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4 responses to “home again home again….

  1. nora

    sounds like a success to me…no visits to the ER, the police…etc. how brave you were to even attempt it. andy would never have done it…although we did go to a restaurant last night as a family for the first time I can remember (one without a “playplace” that is )

  2. I agree with Nora; if a hospital and/or police weren’t involved, it surpasses several of our family trips- lol!

    Glad you had fun. Sorry you had to come home to a locked house containing cat poop. Yuck.

  3. Hang

    You know we had fun with y’all. It was memorable and lots of good quips from the trip. That’s the best part – hanging out with everyone and plus it was an adventure.

  4. Beth

    So glad to hear you had fun despite some set backs. We just got back from Oklahoma yesterday. Griffin sitting on my lap in the airplane was NO FUN.

    Check your email. I have a question for you!!!

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