I’m so sorry that I’ve been crap about posting lately. I have just been SO TIRED. I thought that was supposed to wear off in the second trimester, but not so much this time. I’m still involuntarily falling asleep either in the afternoons or at night.

We are also all under the weather – Sawyer has an ear infection and sinus infection, Noah and Emmett just had vaccinations, and Mike and I both have sore throats.

To make us feel better, we are leaving on vacation tomorrow with our friends Hang and Pat and their kids. We’ll be spending night 1 in Belgium, nights 2 and 3 in Switzerland, and night 4 in Paris.  Whoa. We haven’t taken this show on the road since Emmett has been home, and I’m pretty nervous about how things will go, but I’m excited to spend 5 WHOLE DAYS with Mike and everybody else.

Just in case you’re thinking of breaking into our house while we’re away, be aware that Kodi the attack dog will be staying behind at our house with a pet sitter, along with the cats (but our cats wouldn’t really deter a burgler, unless they’re afraid of obesity and saw Mousa, our big chub of a kitty).

Wish us luck!



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6 responses to “vacation

  1. Yay! We went to Belgium last year and had a blast! Where are you going? We went to Brussels and some smaller towns, too. You will love it! Went to Paris too. What neighborhood are you staying in?

  2. nora

    You go girl! Tell everybody we love them and make sure to incorporate some sleep into the vacaction 🙂

  3. TX Cajun

    How exciting. Y’all have a great time.

  4. charityfaithrose

    You guys will have so much fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Hope you have good health for the trip- Sounds like lots of fun!

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