Happy Birthday Emmett

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Now, lets go get that urinary catheter taken out!



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10 responses to “Happy Birthday Emmett

  1. Christina

    Happy Birthday Emmett!! I’m pretty sure I could think of more fun ways to spend a birthday… but it’s progress, right? 🙂

  2. Jenna

    Happy 1st bday!!!!

  3. ~*~*~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMETT ~*~*~

  4. Beth

    Happy Birthday Emmett!!! Seriously, I can’t believe our babies are one!!!

  5. wow…1 year already!!


  6. His birthday too?! Happy Birthday Emmett!!

  7. Passes crazy fast, huh? Especially when they are half way to one when you get ’em! Happy Bday to your cutie pie.

  8. Happy birthday Emmett!

  9. Britta

    Well….. how are things going?

  10. I want to see a birthday picture!

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