surgery update

First though, thanks again for all the name input (and yes, mom, you do get to contribute, but only in an advisory capacity, like the kids and everyone but Mike and I) – it really helps to see what others’ opinions are, especially with the Virgil thing – sheesh!

Emmett’s surgery went well, and he should be able to come home tomorrow. Although the aftercare for this one is going to be a party – 2 diapers at once, one with holes cut in it and all taped up, a penis that looks incredibly painful with a big tube sticking out of it for a week, no bathing for a week, and the worst part – no exersaucer, jumper or being held in a baby carrier that has fabric between his legs for 6 to 8 WEEKS.

The exersaucer and jumper are things that the poor kid actually enjoys, which is not the norm around here I tell you.

Poor Emmett. Poor Lauren. Because when Emmett’s not happy, mama ain’t happy, which leads to …poor Mike.

By the way, Noah and Sawyer laughed their heads off when they heard that Emmett has a tube coming out of his ding-dong. Even when I asked how they would feel if it was their privates that had tubes coming out, they still thought it was hilarious. Goofballs.



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6 responses to “surgery update

  1. Yay, Emmett! 🙂 Glad that went well. Sorry about the exersaucer though. That totally sucks. Mally loved the jumper and I can’t imagine not having had it for 2 months! Yuck.

  2. TX Cajun

    Glad to hear the surgery went well. They think it is funny only as brothers can. 🙂

  3. Beth

    Poor Emmett.. I’m glad to hear the surgery went well. But I definitely wouldn’t want tubes in my parts. It’s funny that the boys laughed about it. Boys are goofballs.

    Keep on writing to us!

    Hang in there. Sorry you can’t put him in the saucer or anything. That sucks.

  4. Jennifer

    That stinks about the jumper and super saucer! I’m glad surgery went well, and that he’ll be home soon. Does he seem to be in any pain? I don’t even have a penis, but the thought of tubes sticking out of one makes me kinda squeemish. Yikes.

    You’re too funny with the name thing. You could name the kid Ding Dong, but he’ll still be precious. Made fun of, but precious. LOL And if you’d put Mike in an advisory role where he belongs (sorry, we go by the you carry them, you name them rule at our house), it’d make things easier ya know. 😉

  5. nora

    I like that you are keeping us updated on the name game. It really makes me feel included so many miles away (get it, miles…) Anyway I have to agree with the boys. Those ding-dongs are hilarious 🙂 Thank goodness for slings-right? Works even when preggo. How big is Emmett now?

  6. Beth

    Yeah, Lauren, can Emmett be held in a sling?

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