ho-salers and the kids talk baby names

okay, I’m really sorry, but I can’t reveal what ho-salers means – I’m sworn to secrecy by my friend Hang. Who was one of my companions on our girls’ trip to London the weekend before last, along with Sarah, Margaret, and Charity.

We had a BLAST.

Let’s see, we started off that weekend with a cocktail party at Margaret’s house, to raise money for the Breast Unit at Addenbrooke’s hospital, where Margaret gets her treatment. The husbands, along with a load of other people, were invited to that one. At this party, lots of girl talk was, umm, talked (?) because whenever anybody has a party where most of our squadron is invited, the guys always end up outside in a big group, drinking and talking about work (don’t they do this all day at…work?), while the girls stay inside, on the more comfortable couches and such, drinking (except not the preggos, like moi) and talking about anything and everything. Fabulous party.

Then, at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, Charity came to pick us all up, and we set off for London. We parked at the nearest tube stop to us, and got downtown without any issues. We dropped off our luggage, and the fun commenced.

We spent the majority of the day at Portobello Road, shopping. I got a super-cool old sign, advertising veterinary care (which prompted Mike to later wonder if I was allowed to call myself a veterinarian anymore if I wasn’t working. I think that yes, no matter whether I’m working or not, I can always call myself a veterinarian. I earned that degree, dammit!), and some prints by a local artist. Then we ate really good Indian food, and Sarah, Margaret, and I went back to the hotel to nap while Charity and Hang did the London Eye.

When I awoke, it was time to get ready for our night at the theatre. I got dressed up (for me), Margaret donned her pink wig, and we all headed to see Wicked. This is the second time I’ve seen this show in London, and it is still FABULOUS. Although it was very sad that night to be in a non-drinking state, because you can totallyΒ imbibe at the theatres in London. Pink Champange, beer, cocktails, anything. I had a blue slushie (it was really good).

We then headed to eat at a nearby Italian restaurant, and headed back to the hotel about midnight. Margaret, Hang and Charity had wanted to go to the Absolute Ice Bar that night, but alas, it was not to be (they are currently planning another trip to London for that specific purpose).

Then we had an old-fashioned sleepover, minus all the snacks, and sleeping bags,movies, and pillowfights. Okay, maybe not so much a sleepover, but that again is in the works for a future girls night. What we did do is stay up REALLY LATE talking.

The next morning we woke up, talked more (how I adore all the talking!), checked out around noon, and headed to the Hard Rock Cafe. Which sounds totally cheeseball, but they make a wonderful cobb salad, which is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YOU to find in this country. Thanks, ladies, for indulging this pregnant girl.

Then we headed home. It took a long time. Because, umm, none of us thought to check for line closures on the tube for Sunday. And the way for us to get back to the car was closed. Many underground trains, one regular train, one bus ride, a lot of walking through the rain, and hours later, we arrived back at the car.

And then we went home.

IT WAS AN AWESOME WEEKEND. So I say thank you so much to my husband, along with Pat, Pete, Robby, and Jason, for being such great sports that weekend and staying home with the kids. I’m sure you have all been rewarded amply :).

Onto the baby names. First, let give y’all the updated top contenders:

Jasper, Wilder, Miles (to be called Milo) and Silas (I just love it so much, I had to add it back in – it may be worth breaking my no-2-names-starting-with-the-same-letter rule). Also still in the running are Abel, Moses, and Virgil. I am in love with the names Jasper and Silas – both of which present different problems (Jasper with the -er and the fact that Mike just plain doesn’t like it, and Silas because it starts with an S. The -er isn’t a huge problem, except if we one day have a girl, one of my top names is Piper, which would be another -er). I really like Wilder, but it has the same problems as Jasper. Mike likes Silas and Miles. I am just not in love with Miles, and it is becoming a little too trendy for me. ANYWAY…onto my recent conversation about names with Noah and Sawyer.

me: Noah, what’s your favorite name for the baby?

Noah: Jasper (because we could call him Jazz, which is the name of a Transformer). Or mama! mama! mama! We could call the baby Wilder and call him WILDMUTT (a Ben-10 alien)!!!!

me: what about you Sawyer? What would you name the baby?

Sawyer: Fletcher!

me: we’re not naming the baby Fletcher

Sawyer: But I like Fletcher!

me: but we’re not naming the baby that. Which do you like better, Jasper or Silas?

Sawyer: Fletcher!

me: Fletcher. is. not. a. choice.

Sawyer: mama, stop talking about baby names all de time!

me: (in my head) did Mike tell him to say that?

So tommorow please remember to say a little prayer for Emmett when you wake up – he’ll be going into surgery tommorow afternoon, England-time. Thanks y’all!



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12 responses to “ho-salers and the kids talk baby names

  1. Beth

    You know me. I’m always brutally honest with the baby names. Sorry. But I seriously don’t like Virgil. Big time. Knew a guy….not a good guy named Virgil. Moses and Abel are on the bottom of my list too. Not liking Silas…reminds me of the book, which I remember being forced to read in junior high.

    Jasper is growing on me.:) It’s kinda cute. And it could be a grown up name or a baby name. I like it!

    Love Miles (Milo). That’s my NUMBER ONE pick of all the names.

    I also think Fletcher (Fletch) is adorable!!! Good job Sawyer! Better than Logan’s idea. He wanted to name the baby Tiger.

    Maybe reconsider Fletcher. πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad to finally hear about your weekend. Sounds like lots of fun. You’re like me….I love all the girl talk.

  2. Jennifer

    Virgil? Virgil?? Surely you put that in there to make sure we, the readers following along at home, are really paying attention. Right? Virgil???

    Ok, so if you take Virgil off the list (seriously girl…), I think you’ve got a good list. I still don’t like Jasper, and Wilder isn’t on the top of my favorites either.

    Silas is very cute. I like Miles, Milo even better, but spelling it every time would be a PITA. And people are going to spell it wrong no matter how you spell it. But I still like it.

    Abel and Moses are cool too. Abel more so than Moses I think.

    From that list, I’d say my order of preference (since I get a say and all) would be: Silas, Miles, Abel, Moses, Wilder.

    Jasper and Virgil wouldn’t be on the list. πŸ™‚

  3. Ok. Virgil? Virgil is a dirty old man name. No offense to dirty old men everywhere. πŸ˜‰ I don’t even think it could grow on me.

    I love, love, love Wilder. I love Oscar Wilde and always thought Wilde was a cool name. Only the idea of setting yourself up to have a crazy boy on your hands always concerned me. πŸ™‚

    I disagree with troubles with spelling Miles or Milo. Is there another spelling of Milo? If so, I don’t know it. As for Miles, Myles is the only other thing that comes to mind, but who spells it that way? Too girly. I like Miles and Milo just dandy and think they fit in well with the other kids’ names.

    Jasper might grow on me, but at the moment it sounds like a doggy name.

    All those others were way too biblical for me…Abel, Moses…

    Silas is ok. I think that one could grow on me too. It’s pretty cute. But if anyone called him Sy for short… I would think of Cy Washer! πŸ™‚

  4. Beth

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one trying to figure out the whole Virgil thing. Again, knew a guy with the name Virgil. Not a good guy. I mentioned the name to my friend Jennie. She just had a little boy a week ago. Named him Paden Christopher (sounds like Payden). Drives me crazy she didn’t put the “y” in there. Anyway, she wanted to know if you were going to give him the middle name “Earp”. As in Virgil Earp from the wild west.

    Still don’t like Moses or Abel. Big names to live up to. Pressure. Lots of pressure. Then it’s a theme with Noah…

    Silas not crazy about.

    Wilder is okay…..not crazy about Wilde….kinda setting yourself up for a “wild” boy! πŸ™‚

    As if any of my opinions matter anyway. All I know is he’ll be a cutie pie!

    Oh, and I’m still rooting for Sawyer’s pick: Fletcher!

  5. alright, alright, ALRIGHT! Virgil is off the list. I thought it was kinda cute, and that’s Ed Harris’ characters name in The Abyss, and I love that movie, but okay – I definitely don’t want a dirty old man name! I must say, though, Beth, isn’t it Wyatt Earp?
    Mike doesn’t like Fletcher, and I don’t love it – its out.
    Holly, good point about the whole Sy thing – we would NEVER call him Sy, although I do wonder what Cy Washer is up to now?
    See? Your vote really DOES count!

  6. Jennifer

    Whew. Glad to see Virgil is off the list. The only real life Virgil that I know is a neighbor, and while he isn’t a dirty old man, he IS an old man. He’s the one that my kids thought was the grandfather of the new neighbor’s daughter, but he’s really her Dad (and a very, very nice man, preacher even). But yeah. Old man name.

    Now, if you’ll just ditch Jasper, we’ll be in business. πŸ˜‰

    As for spelling Myles/Miles, I guess it wouldn’t be so terrible spelling it, but I like Myles better even if it is more girly spelled that way.

  7. Beth

    I agree with Jennifer, I like Myles. And I knew a boy named Myles….Myles Thomas. One of my favorite students. He was a sweet boy.

    Yes, Lauren, it was Wyatt Earp….but there were other brothers as well. Virgil, Morgan, Wyatt and one more I can’t remember. I actually just got done listening to an audio book by Larry McMurtry (my first western) and they talked about the Earp brothers. They were mean guys.

    Yeah! Virgil is off the list.
    Now, Silas….

    Still voting for Myles! Or Miles. What happened to that huge list of names?? I need to go back and look at my suggestions. πŸ™‚

  8. berd

    I’m with Sawyer. I like Fletcher so I guess Sawyer and I have no input. A good friend of mine married a Fletcher. I guess he was a good guy but I haven’t talked to her in about 30 years. I’m voting for Fletcher Robert (but you know I’m biased.) Hope everything goes well for E.
    Love you guys.


  9. I like Silas. It makes me think of Silas Marner which is really neither here nor there but it was a good sweet story anyway. πŸ™‚
    Praying for Emmett – may this surgery go very smoothly and the recovery as well.

  10. Charity

    I still like “Wilder”. And by the way, oh so glad that you took out “Virgil”, not only is it a dirty old man name, he would have been called “virgin” all through school. Not fair to a boy ;).
    Had SOOOO much fun in London! Are you coming over Friday?

  11. Beth

    Yeah Berd!! I love Fletcher too!

  12. Jeannie

    I’m glad these very wise ladies got to you about Virgil so I don’t have to do it all alone πŸ™‚

    I LOVE the name Myles (or Miles). Also one of my favorite students ever.

    Wilder is kinda cool, as is Silas.

    Go, E, go. We’ll all be thinking about you tomorrow, little man.

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